Safety on the San Diego Sand and Surf Courtesy of Toyota

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    Summer beach season in San Diego began on Memorial Day Weekend. In preps for the season, Toyota provided the City of San Diego with 35 2017 Toyota vehicles for lifeguard rescue and operations duties.


    The multi-year partnership agreement includes Toyota’s promise to maintain and service the 35 vehicles in the fleet, providing monthly detailing on each vehicle during the peak summer months, and saving the City of San Diego tens of thousands of dollars in maintenance and service fees.

    The partnership renews Toyota’s commitment to creating safer communities through supporting safe practices in the water and on the beach. Since 2011, Toyota has served as an integral partner of the lifeguards, supporting the city’s efforts to promote beach safety. In addition to the fleet vehicle donations over the years, Toyota also sponsors the lifeguards’ Water Safety Days program, designed to promote beach safety.

    Toyota’s vehicles are off-road capable and extremely durable, built to withstand rough sand and marine environments. The 2017 lineup features a variety of SUVs and pick-up trucks, including Tacoma, Tundra, 4Runner and Sequoia.

    The newest addition is the 2017 RAV4 Hybrid, launched in 2015. This hybrid grade is the most fuel-efficient vehicle the lifeguards have utilized to-date. The RAV4 also comes equipped with the new standard Toyota Safety Sense package.
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