High Energy losses in your home, out of sight out of mind

Discussion in 'Emissions' started by ALS, May 14, 2017.

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    Over the years I've pretty much done the usual energy savings with low hanging fruit like energy efficient appliances and lights but never realized how much I was still losing through air leaks. After talking to some of my neighbors I realized I was way ahead of them with much lower utility bills.

    Four have ended up going with solar to drop their ultra high utility bills.

    I have a 1660 sqft split level home built in 1960 that the previous owners had done very little weatherization, to cut their utility bills.

    Last year I spent a total of $705 on electricity and $687 for gas and after two days of watching Youtube videos I know I could do much better. I'm hoping for $200 a year off both the electric and gas bills. The biggest hit I take is for cooling four months in the summer and for heating four months in the winter.

    If you haven't spent much time on Youtube your missing out on some great information of making your home much more energy efficient.

    The two biggies that I ran across that had me shaking my head that I had no knowledge of.

    Attic air sealing, and the especially insulating the rim joists in the basement.

    With the Attic I figured you just have to add more insulation, Nada you have air seal first or you're just wasting your money on the additional insulation.

    Feel free to add more videos and information as needed to this thread.

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    I definitely need to do air infiltration fixes on my house. Here's something I intend to do for my windows:


    They say it costs roughly $40 / window, and almost doubles the R value of a single glazed unit. I have exterior triple track storms, but these inserts should be a big improvement.
  3. My place was built in 1890. It had a few layers of newspaper for insulation in the walls and floors, blown in insulation in the attic (below the beams) an interior door for an exterior and original windows. The glass was kind of cool, you could see the imperfections in it.
    I've added insulation in all the walls, new windows and doors, insulation in all the outlet boxes on exterior walls. Adding r30 to the attic was the biggest drop in the heating bill so far.

    I'm sure there's a lot more I could do. I'll check the videos, thanks for posting
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    My grandpa & his father built their house with newspapers in the walls for insulation. Insulation in the attic? What will they think of, next!? :p
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