2016 Volt MPG on Gas engine vs 2010 Prius MPG

Discussion in 'Chevrolet Volt' started by alster, Apr 8, 2017.

  1. alster

    alster Well-Known Member

    Late winter, early spring conditions, not optimum for mpg's, here in Northwestern Oregon. The last fill up with our 2010 Prius, calculated, 46.2 mpg. Now our 2016 Volt has beat that, so far for the last trips on the gas engine averaged 47.554 mpg, calculated, (518.3 miles / 10.899 gal's (87 octane Costco reg. gas w/ 10% ethanol blend and winter formulated gasoline). Both the Prius and Volt use Costco 87 octane gas.

    I have noticed since Chevy did a recall update (software computer) on our Volt's gas engine, it now runs smoother and delivers better mpg's than before the update. I would say 3 mpg's or more than before.

    Just seems like pretty good mpg for a car like the Volt that weighs, with a couple of full size, driver and passenger, in the car for a car weight of over 4,000 lbs, plus the benefit of driving 45 miles (in winter) to over 60 miles(summer) on just electricity.
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  2. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    Are both cars driven the same way ? Length of trip , ratio of city/highway miles , speed ? I knew the Volt was fairly efficient on dino juice , and I know the Gen 3 Prius struggles in cold weather ( at least if you use heat/defrost).
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  3. xcel

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    Hi Alster:

    Good to hear about your recent experience and hope to see this flash make its way across the entire fleet very soon. In the past, the first and second gen Volt fell way behind the Prius when running in HV mode. If the new SW optimizations work for all, this could tilt the scales quite a bit! :)

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  4. alster

    alster Well-Known Member

    Edwin ; I mainly drive the Prius to work. Its 11.5 miles one way 23 miles round trip and pretty flat probably less that 40 feet in elevation. I'm mainly the only
    one in the car as well. The Volt's gas engine is used on longer trips as the Volt is my wife's car for her 32 mile round trip to her business is done on 100% electric. When we travel to the Portland Oregon area we use the Volt, so there is usually two of us. Last trip there was 4 of us in the Volt, my nephew and his gal came along, and still achieved 48 mpg on gas for that trip. The route is via HIghway 26 from our home in Seaside at sea level, 3 mountain passes to an elevation of 1642 feet to Portland which is only about 60 feet or so above sea level and return home.

    Wayne, whatever Chevy did for the software update appears to have been an improvement. With summer conditions and summer blended gasoline 50 mpg
    is probably going to be the Volt's mpg, as our 2010 Prius can achieve 55 mpg in summer.

    I remember a few years ago on the Chevy Volt forum people were wondering if Chevy would come out with a 50/50 Volt, meaning 50 miles on electric (battery range) and 50 mpg when running on gas. Looks like our 2016 Volt is real close to achieving that.
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  5. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    Very good ! A 50/50 car would be pretty nice. But with my 70 mile/day commute , I'd still be whining about range, I'm afraid. Since I'm not in the market for a new car right now , doesn't matter too much. When I am , I'm sure the biggest problem I'll face is.............. which excellent car to buy ? They just keep getting better and better ! A car with an EPA range of about 120 miles would be enough for me to pull the trigger.
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  6. bernietx

    bernietx 2017 Volt

    I've owned my gen2 Volt since the last week of December. I've only burned a few gallons of gas, but my results are similar to Alster's results. So far 45-46mpg on the internal combustion engine (almost all highway 55-70mph) and >900mpg overall. We'll take a real road trip next month and I'll see if the results hold up. Voltstat's is showing me at 42.4mpg. EDIT Voltstat's has a filter to do a custom date range. If I throw out the test drives from before I bought the car, then VoltStat's matches my spreadsheet at 45.6mpg on ICE.
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  7. alster

    alster Well-Known Member

    Update on our 2016 Volt. So far the Volt has been getting over 50 mpg's just when running on gas, perhaps due to summer blend gasoline and dry roads with temps in the mid 60's to mid 70's here in the northwestern coast of Oregon.

    Per myvolt.com for the last 30 days: 853 gasoline miles / 16.243 gal's used (87 octane 10% ethanol) = 52.515 mpg. Also the Volt seems to under report mpg's by 1 - 2 mpg. So I would say at least 53 mpg for our Volt. Now are Prius achieves about 55 mpg calculated in summer, but the Volt has the benefit now in summer of 50 miles to near 70 miles on just electric depending on terrain, speed etc. A full charge of electric is about $1.80 which includes all taxes, fees, etc.

    Now after a year the stats from voltstats.net, for the month of July 2016 only gas mpg's ( 42.09) for the month of August 2016 gas only mpg's(42.87). Quite a difference since last year, and the software update back in the beginning of the year did make a difference in mpg's, also I believe a little more electric range as well.
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  8. BillLin

    BillLin PV solar, geothermal HVAC, hybrids and electrics

    I like that about the Volt... it just keeps getting better. The 2nd generation seems to have gotten things right.
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  9. bernietx

    bernietx 2017 Volt

    On my 2017 Volt, my summer May-Aug average is about 40mpg. Most of that was 680 gas miles in late May, going to south Texas mostly driving 75+mph for long stretches going to the furthest south Texas coast in hot weather. Jun-Aug, I've only gone through 2.67 gallons and have gotten about 49-50mpg. Total driving May-Aug is 810 gas miles and 2550 EV miles, 20 gallons of gas.

    So yeah, 50 mpg is definitely achievable, but only if you avoid the 75+mph interstate stuff. I did get some kind of warning message driving back from the South Texas coast, and Chevrolet Onstar/Service replaced the "Hybrid powertrain control module" after that long trip to the coast. Maybe that's why my mileage since then has been 50mpg, that plus its more of a mix of 50-70mph driving then that constant 75+ mph high speed run to the coast and back. All my local mileage is EV, including when we travel.
    - Bernie
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  10. ALS

    ALS Super Moderator Staff Member

    We've been telling people that for years on this board.

    Here's a chart and calculator for Speed VS Fuel Mileage.



    I put in my Prius at 58 mpg at 55 mph, 30 miles a day highway, gasoline at 2.60 per gallon, as a base.

    Speed Daily Travel Time Effective MPG Cost/day Cost/year
    55 MPH 33 min. 58.0 $1.34 $489.10
    60 MPH 30 min. 56.3 $1.39 $507.35
    65 MPH 28 min. 53.4 $1.46 $532.90
    70 MPH 26 min. 48.1 $1.62 $591.30
    75 MPH 24 min. 44.7 $1.74 $635.10
    80 MPH 23 min. 41.8 $1.87 $682.55
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  11. Carcus

    Carcus Well-Known Member

    Soooo,..... if you drive an efficient highway machine (while gas is cheap) and think your time is worth more than $3.30/hr, .....then it's hammer down.

    /cool calculator, i have not seen that one before. Looks pretty accurate once you get a known steady state set in.
    // In my pickup, it's almost $9.00/hr. (and in my old pickup, closer to $11.00/hr),.. And, of course, double those numbers if gas were to double in price.

    /ALSO, ... pretty interesting that the biggest jump is from 65 to 70 mph ... by far. I always thought of it as more linear, but I guess there really is a "slow down sweet spot" around 65 mph ......
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  12. alster

    alster Well-Known Member

    Is that indicated mpg's with your Prius? If your prius is like ours, we have a 2010,
    the mpg dash gauge is off somewhwere between 3-3.5 mpg compared to calculated.
    When my gauge reads say 55 mpg, calculated by miles driven and gal's used is somewhere between 51-52 mpg
    consistently, a little less in summer, and more in winter. This is the norm with nearly all Prius owners with model year
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  13. BillLin

    BillLin PV solar, geothermal HVAC, hybrids and electrics

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  14. ALS

    ALS Super Moderator Staff Member

    I go by my Scan Gauge which is very close to reality. I haven't used the dash unit for years because as you say, it is always way off actual mileage.

    After running a bottle of Techron through the Prius and switching over the Shell gasoline exclusively I have seen my fuel mileage on the highway jump up into the 55-56 mpg range during a steady 100 plus mile, 65 mph run. Running what ever gas I could find cheap usually Sunoco, I use to get around mid 52's to mid 53's. The change worked out to around a 5% increase in fuel mileage. BTW I just turned 70K on my 2010 Prius III. My local mileage sucks due to all the short trips I make, plus all the hills I have to drive up and down I'm usually in 40 mpg area. The more highway the higher the fuel mileage

    At 55 mph my mileage is right in the 58-60 mpg area, depending on weather, temperature and AC usage.

    Doing the same to my FSP Volvo with a bottle of Techron and switching to V-Power I went from low 26's to just over 29 mpg at 65 mph. The car is rated at 25 mpg highway by the EPA. With the AC on it drops to 28.5 mpg's. I got roughly about a 10-11% gain cleaning out the fuel system and running good gas in it.
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  15. BillLin

    BillLin PV solar, geothermal HVAC, hybrids and electrics

    You should just do what Edwin does and leave the car running on those short trips. :D Just kidding, of course. Yeah, hills are my bane as well.
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  16. ALS

    ALS Super Moderator Staff Member

    Carcus, I've owned Volvo's since 1981 and I learned one thing, anything over 65 mph or 2500 rpms and you can kiss your gas mileage good bye. That statement probably applies to almost every vehicle on the road.
    The only odd quirk was with the early automatics in the Volvo turbos, they didn't come with a locking torque converter. The difference between 55 and 62 (100Kph) was so minimal that you didn't get much of a gas mileage hit for the higher speed, like 1/2 mpg. The difference between say 60-62 and 65 was a good three mpg hit. Even still anything over 65 mpg was fuel mileage destruction. In my 960 the difference is significant between 55-65 mph, like 5.5 mpg. That is why I have to figure in distance and time when ever I have that car on the road. Shorter distances demand lower speeds, while longer distances can warrant speeds as high as 65 mph for the time savings over fuel mileage.
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  17. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

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  18. Carcus

    Carcus Well-Known Member

    I'm happy to be driving the exception.
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  19. Previously owned a gen one Insight then a gen two Prius and then a Leaf and now a Volt. Have to say the Volt is the best. I feel most would use it as I do as a pure electric which is also capable of long trips when required. My Leafs increased range was under used and longer trips were a hassel. The Prius is merely an efficient gas car which introduces one to very limited electric driving. The Volt provides electric drive only for most with the occasional need for fuel when going on trips.

    The direct main step of My furniture covers in the future,is hope!
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