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    So I have now driven the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt. Thank you Emmanuel from Quirk Chevy Braintree MA. Unfortunately, he would not let me take the car on the interstate because they wanted to keep the miles down. Not a good way to sell a car or promote the technology. It is probably the dealer policy and not his fault. For that reason alone, I would not purchase the car over there if I was going to buy one. I should note however that this dealership has provided a Volt on multiple occasions to electric car events I have hosted. They even let me take a brand new 2015 Volt by myself to an event in Hanover MA back in September of 2015. At least they seem to be pro- EV. Recently another Chevy dealership in Hudson MA let my friend and I take a Volt out by ourselves.

    Tesla has a much better attitude about test drives overall and always lets people take the car on the interstate and generally offer an hour long test drive. It will be interesting to see how well the Bolt does against the upcoming Tesla 3 when it becomes available later this year. Tesla says the slowest version will be under 6 seconds. Not word on top speed yet but I suspect at least 120 mph.

    The Bolt is limited to 92 mph or so. I did make use of the couple of miles I did have on surface roads and blasted the car to 60 mph several times. 0-60 is rated at 6.5 seconds with a full charge. The car was at 55-60 percent SOC at the time of test drive. The Bolt has a regular and sport mode but I suspect if you floor it both modes are the same. I will have to take a longer test drive to be sure. In normal drive mode the car has ok regenerative breaking but if you put the car into L mode on the selector the regen is extremely powerful and will bring you to a virtual stop just like the BMW i3. In this mode you will almost never have to touch the brakes. The heat worked very well.

    This dealer has a level 2 charger in the garage but I would strongly recommend installing one for public use and putting it on the PlugShare app. The rear seat is very roomy and comfortably seats 5 unlike the volt where the fifth seat is for emergency use only. The rear seats do fold down flat. I really wish they would let people take the car on the highway. I will provide more information after I can take a longer drive. The car seemed pretty comfortable and had plenty of headroom.
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    Thanks for the heads up - there is at least 1 Bolt EV in Massachusetts. I hope that means I will hear from my local Chevy dealer, soon!
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