Ford Confirms F-150 Hybrid Production

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    Ford Announces Massive Move Toward Electrified Vehicles by Confirming F-150 Hybrid, Mustang and Transit Models to Market by 2020

    [​IMG] Jay Sincavage – CleanMPG – Jan. 3, 2016

    Ford president and CEO Mark Fields and other Ford Motor Company executives held a press conference at Ford’s Flat Rock assembly plant today. There, a plan to electrify over 13 different nameplates in the next five years was outlined. More importantly, production of the rumored Ford F-150 Hybrid pickup truck was finally confirmed.

    We first brought you a glimpse of the hybrid pickup truck back in April 2016, when a lightly camouflaged truck was spotted. The rumor mill didn’t stop then, but with so many models being launched throughout 2016, it quickly lost momentum. Now it’s reality, and a very important one.

    Building an F-150 hybrid for the American market represents another enormous step forward for Ford. As a company that gambled big with aluminum and turbocharged EcoBoost engines, electrifying iconic American pickups could also be somewhat of a risk. Though not as big as it would’ve been prior to EcoBoost.


    “As more and more consumers around the world become interested in electrified vehicles, Ford is committed to being a leader in providing consumers with a broad range of electrified vehicles, services and solutions that make people’s lives better,” said Fields. “Our investments and expanding lineup reflect our view that global offerings of electrified vehicles will exceed gasoline-powered vehicles within the next 15 years.”

    A second bombshell was dropped when Fields also announced the hybrid variant of the iconic American sports car — the Ford Mustang. Today’s news isn’t important only from a product standpoint, but also from an economic one.

    Economy and Jobs
    The move to bring to market more advanced vehicles also plays a big role for the United Auto Workers and Ford. It represents a $700 million dollar investment to expand its Flat Rock Assembly Plant in Michigan. The facility will build high-tech electrified and autonomous vehicles in the near future.


    “I am thrilled that we have been able to secure additional UAW-Ford jobs for American workers,” said Jimmy Settles, UAW vice president, National Ford Department. “The men and women of Flat Rock Assembly have shown a great commitment to manufacturing quality products, and we look forward to their continued success with a new generation of high-tech vehicles.”

    Lastly, Ford has abandoned plans to build a new $1.6 billion dollar facility in Mexico. Nonetheless, the next-generation Ford Focus is still scheduled for assembly south of the border for profitability reasons.

    All-in-all, a very big day for the Blue Oval.

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    I think the biggest bombshell (by far) was Ford bringing the electric and autonomous manufacturing (basically, the whole future of Ford) back to the U.S.

    I don't care what your political affiliation, .. you ought to be thanking D Trump for that one.
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    Hi Carcus:

    The fine print on that is far less positive than you think. Focus production is still headed to Mexico. :(

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    I guess it depends on how you view the future. I think Ford is very serious about autonomous drive.

    (Maybe Trump will lean on them a little harder and they'll bring the Focus back too:D)
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    Doubt it. It might adversely impact big oil's bottom line... :D
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    Someone did some napkin math on the 3.0 diesel. Land Rover overseas has a 3.0 diesel build by Ford. ;) Looks like a possible 28/29 mpg highway counting the differences in vehicles.

    It's like they're trying to make minivans less appealing. I have to seriously consider a truck for the next family vehicle.

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