whrrrring engine bay 3 months 98 suburban-water pump-alterna

Discussion in 'GM' started by phoebeisis, Dec 21, 2016.

  1. phoebeisis

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    Ok me again
    Those of you have probably seem my 98 suburban coolant in exhaust problems
    This came to mind
    2-3 months ago I noticed a faint WHRRRRING from the engine bay
    went up and down with RPMS-
    at that time no leak-and I didn't "notice" any coolant loss or cooling problems
    Via my 65 year old ears-seemed to be from the front of the engine bay on the passengers side
    seemed like MAYBE the alternator-
    but it was and still is working fine
    I have since-3 -4 days ago- blown a hole a radiator hose
    overheated it-lost 1.5 gallons of coolant
    and have a coolant leak sending LOTS of coolant into the exhaust gas
    which is much less since adding 3 different types of BARS STOP VARIOUS COOLANT LEAKS

    Can a water pump make that noise-and fail-
    the little fan blade impeller-is directly driven off the pulley-guessing it is welded to the shaft
    is there anyway any likelihood the impeller can actual separate from its drive shaft-and just "not turn"
    but make a whirring sound?
    How is it attached to the shaft-and do they every "break" there??
    PS Never mind-power steering fluid is low-so probably that-funny my ears don't serve me very well-would have guessed the noise was from the other side
    we'll see
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  2. RedylC94

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    I'm not sure how GM does it, but Japanese impellers I've seen appeared to be press-fitted onto the shaft---not welded. In my sister's Dodge Omni, the impeller did exactly what you speculated---came loose and slipped on the shaft to the extent the car overheated, even though the pump appeared externally OK (no leak, no wobble, etc.).
  3. 08EscapeHybrid

    08EscapeHybrid Moderator

    As a lifelong GM man, the only vehicle I've ever owned that wasn't GM is the FEH. (Not counting the 81 AMC because that had a Pontiac Iron Duke 151 in it). I've never seen a GM water pump fail like you propose, although I guess it is possible. The only water pump failures I've ever experienced were seal failures at the shaft, and once the seal fails, the bearing gets flooded with coolant and either leaks like hell, or if driven long enough, the bearing fails.

    I would say that the whirring sound you heard was probably not the water pump failing, as in 3 months time you should have seen some indication of temperature problems before your big failure. Small block 350 water pumps are DIRT cheap. So cheap, the auto parts stores usually don't charge a core on them. I just checked online and Advance Auto has them for $40. Its so cheap, you might as well just replace it if it is in question, even though you're looking to replace the truck.
  4. phoebeisis

    phoebeisis Well-Known Member

    08 Well it wasn't the power steering fluid being low-corrected that-whrrrr still the same
    Hey I actually have a GENUINE GM water pump-rebuilt-not quite sure why-maybe the intake manifold leak 20 months ago-
    figured to fix that and replace AUTO ZONE pump which I installed maybe 2009
    in any case still in box
    heck I had a new actual upper radiator hose IN MY TRUCK-under back seat-bought years ago-2009 maybe-when I replaced the radiator
    planned to replace hose-but it felt soooo good pliable -I figured to wait-yeah not too bright-

    Redy-maybe I will get lucky-I'm going to carefully monitor miles versus water added to reservoir-time would be better maybe I'll monitor time also
    I marked the reservoir-dead cold am-
    have a welches grape juice bottle with exactly 1000 mls-see how long how far I get on 1000 mls
    If I get 1 hour 30 miles-I'm ok with that
    Oil still clean-surprising all the"extra" water doesn't find its way past rings contaminate oil-but not yet?

    Thanks all
    PS Still checking craigs list-several 200,000 mile 98 99 $2000 "runs good" a 2004 2005 150,000-200,000 miles $5500
    but not sure I want a 5.3 already have a 5.7 parts car-
  5. DriveYourWay87

    DriveYourWay87 New Member

    Luckily no water in oil, man! That would be a real problem...
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  6. phoebeisis

    phoebeisis Well-Known Member

    one good thing
    oil nice and clean-just oil-not that horrible milky oil water gunk that means doom
    so far the leak sealing stuff is holding
    we'll see
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