Observations on my Highway trip to Florida.

Discussion in 'Fuel Economy' started by ALS, Dec 13, 2016.

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    One, I can't rave enough on the improvement with my fuel mileage using Shell premium with Nitro. EPA rated at 24 mpg the old Volvo with 120K on the clock gave me 29.7 mpg with maximum speed set at 65 miles per hour. :) Guys that was what I was getting with E0 ten years ago.

    A funny one for the members who can relate, I'm sitting at a traffic light on Airport Pulling road in Naples just off the right quarter panel of a lifted (12-18 inches) Ford Expedition with some large oversize tires and a specialty dropped trailer hitch.

    I noticed the license plate and a very big smile came across my face. The truck was from Oregon. :eek:
    I wish it hadn't been so dark out or I would have snapped a picture or two for you guys.
    Can you imagine what it cost the owner to drive that lifted beast across the country, 3,215 miles if we use Portland as a starting point ?

    Lastly, as I was cruising the interstate something really popped out at me. The large semi's with aero packages, roof air deflectors, full body side flaring, extended panels on the cab covering the space between it and the trailer, as well as air deflectors hanging under the trailer, were all running under 65 mph, in the 60-62 mph range. I should know I passed every one of them with my cruise set at 65 mph.

    On the other hand the trucks with trailers that only had roof air deflectors with no other aero treatments were all running 65 plus up to and over the 70 mph speed limit. :rolleyes: I think more than a few of these drivers have figured out how to save a lot of money on gas?
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    I agree on two counts, (I think) ..

    Truck speed: I spend a fair amount of time on the interstate, so I guess I've gotten used to it.,,, but I do remember thinking a while back that the trucks have (in general) slowed down. Even with today's "cheap" diesel.**

    Shell: I haven't noticed much of an efficiency drop when I run Shell vs. E0. I should be able to collect some good data over time,.. I plan on running only Conoco E0 or Shell 87 for now.

    ** except for the rock trucks, .. there's always too many of 'em and they are always driving too damn fast (cause all I want to do is get in front of them).

    /add, ... surprisingly, it seems that all E0 is not created equal. I've got a strong hunch (but haven't collected hard data) that the Conoco E0 I buy outperforms some of the other E0's available to me by a few (2, .. 3%?) percent.
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  3. X3 on the shell premium. Was getting a lot of pinging on shell 87. Switched to e0, pinging went away Fe went up, but ouch on the cost around here. Real similar Fe on shell premium and cheaper than the e0. No pinging either
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    I don't get out on the open road too much these days , but I noticed in 2010 that the trucks were going slower. Maybe 65 in a 70 or 75 zone. Some of those guys might be paying for their own fuel.
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    .... it seems like there are fewer independent trucks on the roads these days,... so I guess "the man" is more in control, and when it's time vs fuel/wear and tear/ insurance/ etc... looks like time loses out (even when diesel is "cheap").

    /oh, .. and I guess that's why it sometimes takes one rig 5 miles to pass another

    Trucking Companies Governed speed
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