2015 Toyota Sienna XLE Review

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    I have been wanting a Van for many years for the ease of entry/exit but just couldn’t justify getting one as my 2003 Santa Fe still ran and looked like new but only got about 16-19mpg. My grandson’s car gave out and I told my wife that he could have mine as we wouldn’t have to worry about him getting a bad used car. She went for it and I started comparing all the vans on Kelly Blue Book and found that the Kia Sedona was about a foot wider than the Toyota Sienna so I concentrated my search on it. My wife insisted that I get leather so I got the XLE Premium with 11,700 miles for $31,992 internet price.

    I was going to get a 2014 but found out that 2015 was a major change like the 2011 Sonata. I thought our 2011 Sonata Hybrid Premium was great and still do but this is a hypermillers dream as it gives instant and avg mpg for each trip. The Entune head unit is awesome as just about all the info on the big screen will display on the instrument screen so you don’t have to take your eyes off the road. The Cruise Control is within easy reach while holding the steering wheel. I saw that the previous owners high was only 20.6mpg but it still beat my Santa Fe with it’s 4 speed auto. This is rated 18/25 mpg but gets 29 mpg at 60 mph with cruise and AC on.

    I I have had 2 35mpg 10 mile 55-59mph segments so far

    2015 Toyota Sienna XLE
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