2016 Ford Transit 150

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    Drove this rental for work today... Here's my thoughts on it (copied from my Facebook post)

    Rides and drives well.

    Nice sounding stereo, especially for a rental truck.

    Power mirrors is a big plus in a vehicle of this size.

    The mirrors are heated too.

    The 6 speed transmission is nice. The manual mode is great for stop and crawl on the DC Beltway. I was able to just manually hold the transmission in 1st, and let it idle instead of riding the brake. When traffic sped up a little, a quick upshift to 2nd, and I was able to keep up without touching the pedals.

    Tilt and Telescopic steering wheel is VERY nice.

    Power locks and windows with remote keyless entry... on a rental? NICE.

    The LED cargo lights are very bright. I liked that a lot.

    I'm sure its just the truck driver in me, but I felt the steering wheel felt a bit too small. If it was just a bit bigger, I would have been more comfortable.

    Cruise control would have been nice. My right foot was getting tired as there's nowhere to rest the edge of my foot, so I'm just holding my foot at an angle while driving.

    A decent trip computer... Instant and average fuel economy displays would be a big plus. The only thing it displays is DTE, which is nice, but I want more info.

    The cargo tie down rails are only about 14" from the floor. I would prefer them a little higher, as I had a heavy item to secure to one of the walls, and I wanted to secure it a little higher.
  2. Pro: vans are awesome and sexy. I love all Vans

    Con:. Raised roof . most van owners and or fleets aren't going to wash them. And since they won't fit thru most car washes, in 3-5 years 95% of them will look like rusted out Swiss cheese
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    I do like the raised roof though... It is a lot more useable.

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