2008 Toyota Yaris LB - Final review

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    2008 Toyota Yaris 3-door Lift Back. 5-sp manual, manual windows, manual locks, manual seats… you get the picture. 1.5l gas engine rated at 105 HP. EPA rated 29 City/36 Highway. Bought new in 2008 and driven for 96,500 miles. Totaled in 2016 by a rear end hit.

    Despite reviews about “cheap plastic” interior and “Uncomfortable” seats, I found the vehicle pleasant to own and drive. I am 6’, 190# and fit comfortably into this little vehicle. I had field stock black labs who were in it every day. Anyone with hunting dogs know that they were constantly wet and muddy. They had full access to ‘their’ seat, the passenger front seat. After all those years, the interior, seats included, cleaned up like new with no tears or rips. More than durable in my opinion. The door/window panels did sustain some damage from paws, minor scratches though but did show.

    A rear end hit totaled the vehicle. Estimated the other vehicle was traveling at 45 to 50 MPH, I was at a stop. Pushed me into the vehicle in front of me. The vehicle did its job and crumpled and I was able to walk away from the accident with no injury. The Yaris was able to be driven to the side of the road and towed away. RIP.

    I pulled religious maintenance using full synthetic fluids. Vehicle was never in the shop for any mechanical repairs. Ran like a top the entire time I owned and drove it.

    Pros: With Hypermiling I was able to have a lifetime average of 48.7 MPG. Best tank as I remember was mid 60’s. Worst tank ever mid 40’s. Driving like a normal person, 40 MPG would be reasonable. To get in the 30 range you would have to be driving like you stole it.

    Lots of storage, three ‘glove compartments’ and two flip down compartments under the dash. Hatchback allowed easy access to the back. There was a surprising amount of room in it! I could fit 16 2x4x8’ pieces of lumber in it and close the hatch.

    Visibility was excellent. Very small blind spot. Turning radius was unbelievable, you could pull a U-turn on a city street. Parking was easy as the wheels are at the corners.

    I was able to easily access anything in the front, including rolling down the passenger window w/out taking off my seat belt.

    Cons: Interior design was fair. Central console was very inconvenient to use. Dashboard sloped from windshield to console so no place to actually set anything on it without it falling off. No height adjustment on seat so if you were tall or short, it might have been uncomfortable. Plenty of forward/back adjustability. If you are used to an SUV or larger vehicle, it would be considered under-powered. For me, I would have loved to see the 1.3l turbo-diesel engine in it.

    Back seat was small and would be uncomfortable for passengers on a long trip. Short trips it sufficed. With the driver’s seat up forward enough to accommodate any legroom behind it, you were extremely cramped driving. I had the two-door version so the back seat was inconvenient to access. It had the back seats down the entire time I owned it. The doors opened very wide, as with any two-door.

    Paint for that year was horrible. Any brush against it wore through the color paint down to the white undercoat. Difficult to color match and fix. Lots of dings from rocks on the hood, never rusted though, just white chips showing.

    Overall opinion: I loved this little vehicle! It was perfect for one person to commute in. Excellent for one person and an active Black lab (or two) also. More than enough room in the back to haul anything I asked of it. Mileage was better than advertised and plenty of power for the mileage conscious. Visibility was excellent. With max tire pressure it handled great. Rode a little rough but worth the tradeoff. It was a bit noisy inside, more insulation would have been nice.

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