Toyota Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Sales Reach 5 Million!

Discussion in 'Toyota' started by xcel, Oct 2, 2016.

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    The total number of Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicles Toyota has sold in the U.S. has now reached five million, more CPO vehicles than any other automaker since certified used vehicle programs began almost two decades ago.

    Toyota Certified Used Vehicles (TCUV), Toyota’s CPO program, was launched in 1996. For a used Toyota vehicle to be certified, it must pass 160 inspection points including interior and exterior condition and appearance; engine performance; transmission and transaxle operation; braking, tire and suspension system wear; and electronic system operation. Hybrid vehicles must pass 174 inspection points, with the added hybrid battery components.

    Vehicles sold with the TCUV designation come with a 12 month/12,000-mile limited comprehensive warranty, seven year/100,000-mile limited powertrain warranty and one year of Roadside Assistance.

    To celebrate the CPO pinnacle achieved in late August, Toyota covered the entire $29,180 for a customer who purchased the five-millionth CPO Toyota - a 2013 Toyota Highlander from Toyota of Huntington Beach.

    Pretty slick imho. :)
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    Hi Wayne,
    If you talk to an honest car sales person or dealer they'll tell you, Lease New Buy Used.
    That of course is when you're talking especially about luxury are even pricey everyday cars.
    If it hadn't been for the cash for clunkers rebates back in 09 I would have bought a used vehicle instead of a new Prius.
    My highway car the 960 Volvo listed for over $38K with options new and I picked it in 05 for $10K with only 66K on the odometer.

    You would be hard pressed with the reliability of newer cars not to buy used. I almost peed myself when I saw the price of a new Volvo S90 at $66K plus.
    If I wanted one all I have to do is wait for them to start coming off lease in 2020 and I'll be able to pick up a certified S90 for under $35K with 35K or less miles on the odometer. Right now a new 2017 S60 T5 AWD top package $53K, 2016 new $45K-48K, 2015 10,500 miles $30,500, 2013 41,500 miles $22K all used Volvo's are certified vehicles.

    2016 S80's MSRP was over $50K, one of the dealers by me has one with 4,300 miles on it for $35K while another dealer has the same 2016 with zero miles going for $47K.

    Get the point buying new is financially foolish today. Even though I used Volvo you can do this same price check with any brand using

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    Hi Al:

    Wait until you see the price of the new 17 Prius Prime PHEV-xx tomorrow.

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    Don't take those claims too seriously. They even checked the condition of components that do not exist, according the the checklist provided with my "Certified" used Toyota.
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    I'm hoping Toyota is really considering the reported possibility of a near-term future with only plugins where the current mix of Prius hybrids and plugin exists, as a next step for the gen4 hybrid. That would mean a Prius (plugin) a lot closer in price to the current hybrid. Of course, for tomorrow and the Prius Prime, I hope it will be a modest price hike over the gen4 Prius hybrid. Toyota needs to be more aggressive to sell more Primes.
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    Hi Bill:

    Another 7 hours and you are going to be surprised as to the content and price of the 2017 Prius Prime Plus - the base model with more std. features than you would have ever imagined. They are going to sell a ton of the Primes because of price alone. The incredible efficiency on both electricity and gasoline is going to wow a lot of people and make current new Gen 4 owners wish they would have waited. ;)

    I told one of the Prius Prime PR team at the short lead last week the following:
    And I said that in a good way!

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