CAFE vs Low Fuel Costs

Discussion in 'Fuel Economy' started by xcel, Jul 16, 2016.

  1. xcel

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    Hi All:

    Bill Kinney posted this question to me on FB.
    My reply:

    Bill, great line of thinking.

    All the OEMs are on track to meet future CAFE which is no easy feat. But, I believe the DOT/EPA allows far to much credit for electrification. The MPGe of a PHEV/BEV in the 70 to 120 mpg range including FSPs is credited with those results for CAFE purposes despite CO2 emissions and energy cost per mile being no better than gasoline and sometimes much worse.

    On the demand side, there is far to many people making poor vehicle efficiency and emissions choices. The OEMs have to supply that need despite offering much higher efficiency vehicles the public does not apparently want. :(

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  2. thunderstruck

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    While it makes sense from a responsibility standpoint, government needs to keep out and let the marketplace make the determination about what's needed. Look how sales of FSP's cratered when gas got up near $5 a few years ago. People dropped large vehicles and demanded economy cars, all w/o the government getting involved. It's like ethanol-the marketplace should determine the need for it, not Congress. If it makes fiscal sense, the market will adopt it. If it's nothing more than government mandated welfare for corporate farms, big oil will immediately choose not to blend.
    Meeting CAFE is not that hard, witness my errand running from yesterday. So close to triple digits, yet so far. Wound up at 89.5 when I got out of the car.
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  3. xcel

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    Hi Nathan:

    The Gen 4 Prius almost makes electrification a moot point as well.

    The reason for market interference is we do have a national addiction to gasoline and while the average consumer does not realize or equate it at each fill, our geopolitical security, balance of trade and emissions are far more important than the average Joe or Jane driving a 2 or 3 ton monster empty back and forth to work.

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  4. thunderstruck

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    As someone so correctly pointed out one time the cash register at the local gas station is a collection box for Al Qaeda. While the license plate in my avatar may have been cancelled, the sentiment remains the same.
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  5. ItsNotAboutTheMoney

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    No. Until we have clean, sustainable, domestic energy, individual choices cannot be the arbiter. It's not OK that vehicles poison the air. It's not OK that supply depends on hundreds of billions of dollars of military support. It's not OK that people are pouring away a limited resource. The pragmatic deal is this: you have freedom to choose, but government/society pushes manufacturers to improve the technology, and discourages them from using your ignorance to make larger profits when those profits result in more pollution and higher fuel use.
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  6. The Doctor

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    There appears to be something that trips the trigger on most American males, and it's not fuel economy.
    Ask any Harley rider why they continue to ride those vibrating gas hogs. They don't call them "Hogs" for nothing.
    A single guy, driving 500 miles on a weekend, to just take in a sports event and drink beer, will take his 5000#
    monster truck instead of anything resembling an economy car.
    Well, I've been there and done that, but now I'd really like something that could get me there at 75mpg.

    For a really fast motorcycle, I'd love to have a "Mission Motor Cycle" (maybe the fastest all electric Motor Cycle
    in the world), and for a neat little car, give me an Elio. Three wheels, FWD, and 75 mpg.
    But to prove I'm in the minority, both of those companies have filed for bankruptcy. Go Figure!

    So, for a compromise, I drive a 1.6L, 4 cyl, DOHC, 16 valve, VVT, DFI, Kia Soul. And on a recent road trip, here in FL, I got 47 mpg on a full tank of Sunoco Gas.
    I do use a K&N air cleaner, and "Prolong" anti-friction additive,
    and I run my 215/65/R15 Kelly Explorer (great off road tires) tires at 42 psi. (all four).
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