2016 Ford Driving Skills for Life Supports FCCLA National Leadership Conference in San Diego

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    [​IMG]2016 tour marks the 13th year of Ford Driving Skills for Life, and the third time the driving clinic has come to San Diego.

    Ford Driving Skills for Life continues its 2016 national tour with a stop today and tomorrow at Qualcomm Stadium. Through four half-day sessions, this free, hands-on training program is giving new drivers an opportunity to learn advanced safety skills under the supervision of professional instructors.

    The visit to San Diego comes in conjunction with the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America National Leadership Conference, expected to draw more than 8,000 teens and chaperons. Ford Driving Skills for Life is delivering a presentation and providing opportunities for hundreds of attendees, as well as local teens, to get behind the wheel and learn essential skills that can help keep them safe on the road.

    The event continues to foster a positive relationship between Driving Skills for Life and the national student organization. The Ford program is dedicated to providing young and inexperienced drivers with the training and tools they need to stay safe behind the wheel. Each session focuses on equipping teens with important skills in several key areas – vehicle handling, hazard recognition, speed and space management, and distracted driving and impaired driving.

    Students will get the chance to experience unique, state-of-the-art equipment such as Ford’s Drunk Driving and Drugged Driving suits. They’ll have the opportunity to wear both suits to gain perspectives on how being impaired can slow movement, reduce coordination, blur vision and make tasks difficult. Students also will learn the importance of safety belt use, pedestrian safety, and the risks of drowsy driving.

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