2016 Malibu Hybrid where is the real test drive reviews????

Discussion in 'GM' started by alster, May 26, 2016.

  1. xcel

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    Hi Alster:

    After seeing Dan's vid, I am a little worried as that result is a little lower than expected on that road course and probably with a negative offset moving it down to 60 to 62 mpg.

  2. alster

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    Wayne, I agree at that speed which appears to be well under 40 mph, dry roads, warm weather, Wayne you probably could have broke 70 mpg. At least finally a Malibu Hybrid review which is probably the only one for right now. I know our 2010 Prius always reads about 6%-7% over read on the mpg gauge now with 145,000 miles on the clock and is consistent at that.

    Now our 2014 Volt seems to be spot on or even under reads. A recent fillup the trip meter stated we used 7.4 gallons but the pump on low speed and first click off, which I tell the attendant to do all the time when he/she pumps are gas at Costco, Oregon you can't pump your own gas, only took a little less than 7.25 gallons. Perhaps GM is more truthful on their mpg readout than Toyota or other makes. Our Volt read out just out on gas, 87 octane at that, was 45 mpg if I consider that we did not use as much gas as indicated probably would have been closer to 46 mpg.
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  4. alster

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    Wayne any chance you may still get a chance to test out the 2016 or 2017 Malibu Hybrid ?
  5. brick

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    Alex Dykes just had one:
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    Here is a very negative review of the 2016 Malibu Hybrid but he loved the Chevy Cruze.

  7. alster

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    Just seems to me that the 45-46 mpg average for the 2016 Malibu in real world driving is not going to happen.
    High 30's to low 40's is where it appears the real world driving is going to be. Our 2016 Volt is getting in the mid 40's mpg, last tank 45.2 mpg, just on gas, plus the ability to go 60 miles on electric.

    Looks like at this point what consumers need is a full review of all the hybrid mid size sedan's when the 2017 Accord Hybrid is available then we will get a better idea
    on mpg, performance etc. to compare with. Maybe MotorTrend could review as they have done so in the past with a similar group of vehicles to compare with....
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    Tom, Bryan Grant is obviously an anti-hybrid gear head type. This of course coming from someone that ten years ago thought the same way about Hybrids.

    I have news for him from what I've seen in the last two reviews I was impressed with the car. For the same price as a Prius III I can get a much nicer Malibu.

    If I wanted a commuter car yes the Prius is a much better option but if I had a family I had to haul around, the Malibu would be the better choice even though you'd lose eight to ten mpg's over the Prius. If it was between a Camry Hybrid and the Malibu there is no question I'd take the Malibu.


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