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Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by ALS, May 25, 2016.

  1. ALS

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    Hi guys,

    Well my LG flip phone (2006) is dying so I made a comment at the gym last week and my trainer pulled his new phone out and explained his plan to me. He has a Nexus 5X LG smart phone 16 Gig memory and the cost was $200 through Google. Well my flip phone has pretty much bit the dust as of two days ago. When I called my carrier, Verizon to check on their options, well it didn't go well. Verizon's bare bones Smart phone plan starts at $60 a month.

    Now the good news on the new Google Fi plan that I just signed up for.

    I got the new Nexus 5X phone with 32 gigs and two gig of data $10 per gig, unlimited texts and voice per month $40. I bought the phone outright at $250. Basic service of unlimited voice and texts is $20, prepaid. The phone has 4k video capability and a 12.3 MP camera. You get a lot of phone for your money. No it isn't a Apple 6S but it isn't a $700 phone either with all the latest wiz bang tech.

    Anytime you're on a WiFi connection there is no use of over the cellular network data and any data you don't use at the end of the month is credited back to you on your next months bill. No roll over, you're credited money towards your next bill. You can buy additional data at $10 per gig.

    This is a prepaid plan, no contract, and the phone supposedly works in 120 countries. You go to South America or Europe it will work there also. International calls they say are 20 cents a minute.

    So for example my trainer checked his data usage as of last week, with unused data credits he is looking at a $25 to $28 phone bill next month.

    The phone itself can be bought outright or paid for over 24 monthly payments with no interest.

    So if you want the $250 5X phone the monthly payment added to your bill is $10.42

    It you want the top of the line unit the Nexus 6P 128 gig unit it's $649 or 27.04 per month over 24 months.

    Link below will explain the Fi plan


    It you're like me where a phone is only needed for work in case someone needs to get a hold of me this is a sweet deal. I'm paying the same amount for a flip phone, no internet, and per text charges. Verizon gives me 440 minutes whether I want them or not and if I don't use them oh well I'm S.O.L.. I'm lucky if I use an average of 30 minutes per month.

    It's about time I embrace the technology and come into 2016.

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  2. BillLin

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    welcome to the (fi) fold...
  3. EdwinTheMagnificent

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    This sounds interesting. I own my LG phone which is about 9 months old , and I have T-Mobile service. I'm paying $64/month (includes taxes) , but I think I'm paying for data I don't need.
  4. Airbalancer

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    My plan in Canada , $85 for 2 lines , unlimited voice across Canada, unlimited text in Canada , voice mail , and some other features we never use , and we share one gig of data
    We both have iPhone 6 that we bought outright and unlocked so we can foreign SIM cards if we want
    We have never gone over our data in 6 years
    If we are in the US it cost us $5 a day to use our plan, and $10 a day in Europe, Mexico and Caribbean
    We no longer have a landline and we both use our phones for our business
  5. PaleMelanesian

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    I'm on Republic which offers a similar sort of service for slightly lower cost. I'm paying $15+- a month, varying based on data usage. It uses Wifi for all calls and data whenever it's available. For me that's 90% of the time at home and work.
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  6. BillLin

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    I have two phones, one on Fi and one on Republic. Republic's my original number, but I've been having issues with receiving other people's calls and spam calls (probably related to other people's calls). This is probably caused by the underlying Sprint phone number used by the MVNO to actually route to my phone. That caused me to try out the Fi network. I dropped my Republic plan to the $5/month wifi-only plan to hold my number while I check out Fi. Fi is based on Sprint and T-Mobile(?) but I'm not getting any of the misdirect calls I was having on Republic. So far so good, but $5/month more than the $15+ plan I had on Republic. With the better coverage (multiple networks) and no spam/misdirected calls, I think I'll stay on Fi. I used 0.01 GB data last month.

    Edit: coverage for both services have been good for Central Mass.
  7. NeilBlanchard

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    My family are now using four Fi phones, and it costs us less than half of what Credo cost - and that was only two smart phones, and three texting phones. Credo was less expensive than Verizon; though Credo uses only Sprint. The coverage in places like Vermont, upstate NY, and Canada was TERRIBLE.

    We have unlimited voice and text. Overuse of voice after my in-law's house fire cost an extra $430 one month. My mother-in-law now has her own Fi phone.

    I like the Nexus 6P - the battery lasts ~2+ days, largely because of the low power (but gorgeous) AMOLED screen. My only complaint is the vibrate is not easy to feel when it is in my belt pouch.
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  8. DaveJ

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    We use Consumer Cellular.
    We have 3 phones, and our monthly bills run from $55 to $70 ($45-$57 pretax)a month including our high tax rate on cell phones of about 22-23 percent here. You pay 10 bucks per phone each month and then share minutes and Data. You get 5% off if member of AARP. Can change plan at any time up to last day of your month. Can buy a phone from them or bring your own and they give you a sim card. US based support and they are prompt and you can understand them. I can save you and me $10 bucks your first month if you put my name and phone number in your sign-up(PM me for info). Had them over a year and can not find anyone to beat them for our service needs, but YMMV. They use the ATT and T-Mobile networks, so they cover most of US.
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  9. BillLin

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    Don't get me started on those taxes...
  10. Airbalancer

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    maybe you keep in you front pocket , if you need more vibration ;-)
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  11. xcel

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    Hi All:

    5 phones on T-Mobile. Each line receives 2.5 GB data unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, 2.5 GB 4G LTE data, 2G after that, free unlimited data streaming (YouTube, Hulu, Pandora) all for $137 incl. tax. Thinking of moving up to their 6 GB plans for another $15/month but not quite yet.

  12. NeilBlanchard

    NeilBlanchard Well-Known Member

    I meant to add that Project Fi uses both Sprint and T Mobile, in combination, so in theory the coverage is better than either of those on their own.

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