Ford Simulates the Mountains in Flat Desert Terrain

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    [​IMG] A higher cap dyno sled is key to testing the all-new upcoming 2017 Ford Super Duty.

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – Mar. 31, 2016

    According to Ford, when testing their upcoming all-new 2017 Ford F-Series Super Duty, the truck was so powerful that it needed new equipment to simulate traveling up steep mountain grades when testing on the flat desert Ford proving grounds.

    A dynamometer sled is attached to a vehicle hitch and pulled behind to simulate a load which in turn simulates a grade the vehicle is climbing. The earlier generation towed dynamometer sled did not challenge the new Super Duty so Ford set out to find a new, stronger dyno sled.

    The dyno simulates steep grades by providing pull against the vehicle, using a brake limiter. This drawbar pull against the truck mimics driving up an incline.

    The new dyno sled is capable of a maximum drawbar pull of 5,620 pounds – a 181 percent increase vs the 2,000 pounds from the previous dyno sled, allowing the new setup to simulate steeper hills. A common simulated grade used for testing is approximately 7 percent, but the new towing dynamometer used at Ford’s Arizona Proving Grounds can simulate up to a 30 percent grade.

    The Taylor 25K Dyno Sled is a heavy-duty, eddy current absorber for maximum drawbar pull that easily disengages for standard towing.

    RS25 Dyno Sled Base Specifications
    • Industrial generator for power (no batteries to charge)
    • Adjustable ball 2-5/16 in. and 2-1/2 in. Pintle Ring
    • 3.73:1 or 4.10:1 gear options available
    • Hitch height adjustable from 6.7 in to 19.5 in
    • Touch screen wireless controller with an integrated GUI heads up display
    • DynCntrl-II Software with Advanced Hill Simulation
    • Wireless or CAT5 communication
    • Independent air ride suspension with onboard air compressor and automatic ride height adjustment
    • Largest drawbar shaft in its class
    • Hydraulic actuated surge disc brakes
    • Parking brake and break-away brake system
    • Heavy-duty nose wheel
    • Euro or U.S.A. approved lighting and LED beacon
    • For DOT Vehicle Class 3/4 vehicles (HD PU/Box and Straight Frame Trucks, 10,001 lbs to 16,000 lbs GVWR)
    • Maximum drawbar: 5,620 lb
    The new dyno sled allowed Ford engineers to virtually test the all-new Super Duty on Davis Dam and Townes Pass – all without leaving the proving grounds. Testers upload the profile of the hills to the dyno and it adjusts to the correct grade, allowing for the truck to be tested in a variety of conditions to ensure performance regardless of environment.

    Two standard simulated grades OEMs use to test their vehicles.

    Davis Dam – Sea level to more than 3,000 feet in 11.2 miles.

    Townes Pass – Average grade of 5.1 percent and a maximum of 10.1 percent over 16 miles distance.

    The new dyno sled easily mimics both without having to make the trip which in turn expedites testing.

    Its Hill simulation features include:
    • Simulate slope
    • Compensate for actual slope
    • Simulate trailer weight and aero
    • Compensate for vehicle weight
    • Reference slope input
    • Auto recording
    This HD Pickup is just a few months out and the all-new dyno sled is making it a better more purposeful truck before the consumer has driven his or her first mile.
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    Sure , but does the dyno sled create and store electricity ? Or do they just burn fuel for the hell of it ?
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    Hi Edwin:

    It is like a locomotive and throws the heat to atmosphere. See those large vents on the top of the sled? This is dyno stuff and all dyno stuff throws fuel away. :(

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    Some rough math - 5620 lbs of pull at 62mph will be ~930hp of work. I wonder how long it will take before HD trucks start pushing that limit.
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    Interesting. Missing is an important specification for any dynomometer, the maximum power it can continuously absorb. That might depend on ambient temperature.

    5620 lb./0.3=18,733 lb., the maximum total gross weight (truck+dyno trailer+people+other gear) they can simulate taking up the hypothetical 30% grade.

    That thing won't work so well for simulating downgrades.
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    Hi Mike:

    Good sleuthing! The all-new 6.7L Power Stroke is 1,000+ lb-ft. of torque monster but probably has only half the hp needed to "beat the sled."

    RedylC94, good point and I found nothing on that from the OEM spec sheet when I wrote this piece.

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    Hi All:

    The 2017 #Ford Super Duty Build and Price page(s) went live today.


    My main take was you can configure the new more powerful 6.7L Power Stroke with a 3.31 rear end. Even with that tall rear end it will probably have a 15k+ pound tow cap with possibly the best efficiency in the business.


    #efficient #long #distance #traveler #CleanMPG
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