Ford’s 2017 Super Duty Testing in Detail

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    [​IMG] A ton of work is going into one of the company’s most important releases long before its reveal.

    Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – Feb. 26, 2016

    2017 Ford F-Series Super Duty during squeak and rattle testing to provide customers the iconic brands best Super Duty truck yet.

    Ford is using mobile climate and road simulators to minimize squeaks and rattles in the all-new 2017 F-Series Super Duty.

    Rigorous testing with the simulators known as Transportable Environmental Four Posters due to their portability and four-point road simulators that sit under each wheel when a vehicle is in the chamber. Ford is the only automaker to use these mobile simulators.

    In these mobile labs, Ford puts prototype vehicles through their paces on all manner of simulated terrain and road surfaces, as well as in extreme humidity and temperatures ranging from a bone-chilling 20 degrees below zero to a blistering 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Thanks to the portability of these simulators, Ford can move them all over the world to test prototypes wherever and whenever a vehicle is undergoing development. To test the all-new Super Duty, Ford moved one of the simulators to Kentucky Truck Plant, which has produced more than 5 million Super Duty trucks since the vehicle was introduced in 1999.

    Before the first all-new Super Duty charges off the line, it will have logged more than 12 million cumulative miles of testing – more than any of its predecessors – to ensure the promise of Built Ford Tough.

    These initially patented mobile climate and road simulators help Ford ensure quality. The ability to perform tests on-site at Ford facilities is more efficient than sending a vehicle to another location and waiting for results. Prototypes undergo testing all the way to production, with the controlled environment allowing trained experts and advanced audio-sensing equipment to identify the causes of noise.

    2017 Ford F-Series Super Duty

    Cold temperature testing in the portable test cell.​

    For each vehicle launch, climate and road simulation testing is overseen by a Ford launch engineer and a plant vehicle team engineer who work diligently to prevent squeaks and rattles. This testing is part of the company’s focus on quiet quality.

    Ford worked with suppliers and other companies to develop the Transportable Environmental Four Posters, which have now been used for more than 100 global vehicle launches.

    Aside from full-vehicle testing, Ford also performs component-level testing to help limit squeaks and rattles. For instance, the company subjects instrument panels to shake testing on custom stands called Transportable Instrument Panel Sound Testing Evaluation Rigs.

    Mobile climate and road simulators are but one part of a large suite of tools Ford uses to create high-quality vehicles.

    The all-new Super Duty will be built at Ford’s Kentucky Truck Plant and goes on sale late next year.
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    Hi All:

    The 2017 #Ford Super Duty Build and Price page(s) went live today.


    My main take was you can configure the new more powerful 6.7L Power Stroke with a 3.31 rear end. Even with that tall rear end it will probably have a 15k+ pound tow cap with possibly the best efficiency in the business.


    #efficient #long #distance #traveler #CleanMPG

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