2016 RAM 1500 HFE EcoDiesel Review

Discussion in 'Chrysler' started by xcel, Jan 26, 2016.

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    re: cigarette commercial - You've got a good memory, Charlie. With me, it's just random junk accumulated over the years, with no organized retrieval possible. Random things trigger these memories.

    My first new car was an '83 Corolla 2-door "coupe" hatchback with manual transmission. Black with light blue pinstripes. I thought it was nifty. Perhaps a sign of things to come. I installed a driving computer from JCWhitney. I don't remember what the MPG was, though. (see memory comment above) Bad memory associated was a burnt out ignition module. I fortunately have not encountered any similar failures since...
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    JC Whitney ! What a blast from the past. They were also known as Warshawsky (sp?) and they had an actual store in Chicago. I will admit to buying stuff from them in the 70's.

    I had an 80's Toyota ( 87 Chevy Nova 1.6 5MT). It was a good car , but Toyota had not yet made the jump to fuel injection in all of their engines , and we eventually had carburetor problems. 42MPG highway at 65 MPH , if I recall correctly.
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    J C Whitney-all the somewhat-not young members here will remember J C Whitney
    I ordered from them a fain number of times
    For no "good" reason I got a set of add a leaf leafs for my 1971 383 Cuda-I had "some idea" that stiffer springs made a car handle better-
    In NOLA-heavily potholed streets-that was a particularly BAD idea-not as if I towed with it-MPG was bad enough(less than 10 mpg city-maybe 11 mpg hy at the mandated 55 mph-owned it from 1975-1978- 3 speed MT on floor with very tall rear end-

    GM and Toyota were in bed together until the 2000's when they finally closed that joint plant in CA-funny name-UMMI or some such??
    We owned a 2001 Chevy Prism-a Corolla in everything but badge-but sold-re-sold for much less since it said "Chevy" on the name plate-
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    Yeah, a B-210 or 210 manual (only!) could easily get into the upper 30s, at least. However, sitting in the back seat of a B-210 hatchback was NOT easy. Vacationing in the West, my brother and his friend rented one that couldn't make it up some of the mountains out there in first gear unless one of them got out and walked up.
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    They're still around, I think. I will admit to buying stuff from them in the early and mid-80s. Some of it was OK.
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  6. I stopped by jcwhitney when I was running the roads in the Silverado . Still have a store outside Chicago as of a couple years ago
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