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Discussion in 'Fuel Economy' started by schuylkill, Dec 30, 2015.

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    When on local roads and I coast in N, my rpms normally drop to around 790-800. Given this, when I coast in N and want to go to engine off, is it best to wait to hit this number before clicking off, or is 900 or so safe on the drive train? It matters sometimes on deciding whether to go engine off or not, it seems to me. What is the shortest guesstimated distance for coasting with engine off to shoot for and be worthwhile?
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    When you key off or hit an injector kill switch, you are just cutting fuel, not engaging anything akin to a parking pawl. The ECU does this whenever it uses fuel cut. So really any RPM should be fine to shut the ICE down while already in N.
    If your car is fuel-injected, maybe something like 10 seconds or less engine-off time to pay for the restart.
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