RAM Trucks Tows Power Parade Floats at 89th Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

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    Hi All:

    In case you were or were not watching, more than 25 Ram trucks kicked off the 89th running of the NY City Macy's Thanksgiving Day Celebration as they towed all the floats in the Parade.

    Preps for the Parade drive.​

    Approximately 50 million television viewers nationwide saw the Macy’s Parade yesterday morning.

    Macy’s own honoring the tradition of Thanksgiving… Or is it Shopping? ;)

    In total, Ram provide the Macy’s Parade with approximately 70 trucks and commercial vans, many of which are used for behind-the-scenes functions leading up to the parade start. Ram not only helped transport the larger-than-life floats down the Parade route, they assisted in moving other Parade materials needed to produce the annual spectacle, from tool containers to costumes and much more in the lead up to the start of the procession on Thanksgiving day.

    Santa and his Reindeer.​


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