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  1. phoebeisis

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    I am a crank on this topic

    But once again PUTIN is right on syria
    there are no moderate syrian rebels who have any chance of deposing ASSAD
    And why in hell would we want that
    Trump of all people-
    apparently has said that Putin is right on syria
    If the rebels win in syria
    first order of business will be to
    1) all the christian arabs-most will attempt to leave
    2)Murder all the ALAWITES(assad is an ALAWITE-some sort of shia sect)-they are armed-so probably will survive
    3)murder all the shia-same story-armed will defend themselves in enclaves

    The below-a small sampling of SUNNI MUSLIM unpleasantness
    1)"halls of montezuma shores of tripoli"-those pirates
    2)moros-phillipines-ones we developed the 45acp for
    3)current phillipine rebels
    4)800 AD conquered spain-sunni- took 700 years for the spaniards to retake their country
    5) 800 AD invaded france Song of Roland -Charles Martel SUNNI-same groups as above-but they were stopped(mts helped)
    6) about 1600 AD invaded europe all the way to Vienna before a Pole -SOBIESKI defeated them
    7)AL QUAIDA- who are STUPID IGNORANT republicans(Charlie Wilsons war) armed to push russians out of Afganistan
    8)Al Quaida 9/11- 3000 dead
    9) Libians who killed ambassador
    10) 2003 or so-200 murdered in spain-by SUNNI
    11) 2005 or so 50 murdered in London-sunni
    12)Charlie Heb-do-sunni
    13) today- 150+ murdered in paris-sunni
    14) 1450 or so Christian Constantinople conquered-
    15)current somali pirates
    16)Boko Harum-sunni rapists kidnappers-of christian girls in nigeria
    17) Blackhawk Down-sunni
    18)The Checkzins WHO MURDERED HUNDREDS of school kids in russia
    19)The Chezckins-who seized the moscow theatre-Rooskies got all "high tech" and pumped in an opioid-but didn't have sufficient narcan on hand to revive the innocent survivors-but they did kill all the terrorists-so by rooskie standards-and by french standards-saving 800 or so people was a win-maybe 150-200 RUSSIANS died from the FENTANYL-
    but it did prevent them setting off the explosives-so….
    not too bad

    The list could go on
    our Shia problems-iran-are mostly own doing-our fault-

    In any case-no boots on the ground if we have any sense
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  2. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi Charlie:

    Targeted drone bombardment is keeping things under control despite what happened in France yesterday. We lose 130 U.S. Citizens with 350 wounded to guns every two weeks here in the U.S.

    France should go after these religious zealot leaders with everything they have and we will support them to the nth degree in it.

    Like you said, move out Assad and there is a mess. Leave him in and there is this mess.

  3. phoebeisis

    phoebeisis Well-Known Member


    Boots on ground
    is just STUPID
    The symmetry with DRONES
    is all OUR WAY
    The neocons
    and almost all the Rep candidates(except that little prick Rand-who is right on this)
    are dead wrong with the "we should have backed "moderate sunni rebels earlier"
    There are no moderate sunni-
    and they would IMMEDIATELY be replaced(killed) by the much more committed religious fanatics
    Religious fanatics-
    aren't difficult to defeat
    just KILL them
    kill their families
    Eventually their allies will stab them in the back
    and make "peace" with us

    The Rooskies are dead right-Assad much better choice than "all the others"
    That dumb s%$T Jeb is still pushing the "free syrian army" that failed strategy
    they are-we think Sunni "Quizzlings" who aren't actually Quizzlings(sic)-and who PROMPTLY turned their weapons over to the sunni religious fanatics

    Yeah this attack-favors the Republicans-who are the IDIOTS-NEOCONS- who got us into this freakin mess
    That little prick-rand paul-is the only one who has it a bit right
    The rest of the Republicans-stupid bast-&%ds-want to RESTART THE COLD WAR-AND START TWO MORE WARS IN THE MIDDLE EAST-
    They the Republicans want to re-make enemies with a REAL EXISTENTIAL ENEMY-Russia
    who should be -and WOULD BE- our ally-
    All this anti-Russian stuff- WHY??

    Hmmm-I wonder if there will be right wing retaliation
    ANFO every farmer has it-just make steal detonator-
    of course they might have trouble find large groups of unarmed muslims
    not as if they gather in large groups every friday afternoon

    Yeah this could get grim in Europe
    Humans-violent species- and we believe what we are taught to believe-
    so violent and ignorant-great combo
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  4. phoebeisis

    phoebeisis Well-Known Member

    On the bright side
    President Obama had the good sense to
    That-ground invasion in middle east
    Well proven-
    Now fair chance this-Paris- has handed the election to the republicans
    Ironic in light of this whole mess being brought on by the NEOCONS
    and their ARAB SPRING strategy
    Yeah the neocons-didn't really buy WMDS-
    Their BELIEF was
    1) toppling Saddam would bring about a toppling of many ME tyrants who "forced" their people to hate ISRAEL and Hate USA
    2) Once not under the sway of their "evil leaders" the muslim MAN IN THE STREET would quit hating USA and quit hating jews

    President Obama is right-
    DRONE WARFARE with the symmetry ALL OUR WAY is the way to go
    BOOTS ON GROUND will mean we will have our soldiers being BEHEADED on TV
    Part of the reason ISIS is striking outside syria
    is they are in trouble-militarily- IN SYRIA and Iraq
    Russia-to their credit-will be bombing them
    and Iran-to their credit-will be russia's ground force
    So Russia France USA are Iran's AIR FORCE and ASSAD's AIR POWER

    Drones are god's solution correcting the SYMMETRY of modern low level conflicts
  5. priusCpilot

    priusCpilot George

    To ad some facts of my own.

    Make no mistake! All these Jihads were armed and support by the west.

    Isreal, Saudi, Turkey, US GOV, France , UK , Qatar , Jordan.

    They were building jihadist long before 2011 in Syria to overthrow the moderate secular elected government. Most all were foreign jihadist. Under the guise of BS protests.

    Goals and benefits to this are different to each country involved.

    Isreal benefits the most over all this war and Islamophobia. They keep increasing territorys which we pay for much of the war machine to them and abroad.

    Qatar gets to sell their natural gas through a planed pipeline going to Europe to under cut Russia. This would need to go through Syria. US gov also benefits from this. They bring the gas and do all the infrastructure work. Russia would lose here and also lose their base in Syria an allie. They need Syria for there security as buffer.

    Saudis want to stop the moderate none Wahhabi style Muslims. To do this they supported jihadist and sent them abroad to Syria.

    France and Britain also made large profits from this with arm sales to Saudi and others.

    Turkey was letting jihadist train and cross over to not only kill Kurds who are trying to get back huge amounts of land that is being occupied by the Turkey. Turkey was also trying to eliminate the rival government Assad and a competitor to them with agro goods. They were trying to bring their brand of islam called the Muslim Brotherhood into power in Syria. They planned on take territory from Syria as well.

    If not for Iran and Russia ISIS would have taken over Syria.
  6. Carcus

    Carcus Well-Known Member

    .... and not one MSM source will ever mention that pipeline. Or if they do happen to mention it it's as a very small inconsequential footnote, when in reality the pipeline is THE driving catalyst that brings the whole mobbed-up-jacked-up-fanatical-murderous-mess into a frenzy (imho, of course).
  7. phoebeisis

    phoebeisis Well-Known Member

    has driven LOTS of wars
    But this time-I doubt it.

    Yes western GOV did foment- revolt in various ME countries
    short-sightedly and stupidly ignoring the history of ME meddling going wrong-

    But that pipeline- it would have been MUCH CHEAPER to just PAY assad to allow that pipeline thru
    No-those Euro-fools and USA fools- actually bought the " Foment Arab spring-and evil west and Israel/Jew hating muslim man in the street will love the USA and Israel-the muslim man in the street in his heart of hearts DOESN'T hate USA ISRAEL"
    We-usa arrogant neocons-actually believed that drivel

    This is just one more case of the west meddling in the still tribal but modern weapons ME

    I don't think Israel actually wanted ASSAD deposed.
    They saw EXACTLY what happened when they didn't make peace with the nationalist "Fatah"
    They got HAMMAS -much more militant-with a RELIGIOUS MORE TRIBAL aim

    Many years ago-Dayan -Military leader-said the problem we have is "someone was living in palestine and somehow we have to make peace with them"

    Isreal-and Iran-can-and have -been pragmatic
    Way back in 1985-Israel was supplying Iran with weapons-spare parts(Iran Contra affair)
    Most of this was against USA interests
    Since we were backing Saddam in the IRAN IRAQ war HE-Saddam- started and more or less lost

    Israel and Iran have a very long history
    In about 550 BC a Persian-maybe Cyrus?? defeated Babylon(semites just like Hebrews)
    and freed the jews who were prisoners/slaves there after being conquered by Babylon(or maybe assyria-lotte blood thirsty semitis tribes-hard to keep them straight)

    I think the jews STILL celebrate this-Purim maybe-
    Anyhow-folks in that part of the world-have long memories
    Israel and Iran could ally again against their common Arab(usually sunni-but hezbullah is shia) enemies

    Yeah Shia fear hate Sunni-more than they hate iSRAEL
    And persia-hates arabs-more than they hate Israel-they have been fighting one another for over 2500 years

    In any case-this is a religious ethnic tribal war

    All we-USA- have to do is continue to DRONE them
    we don't have to eradicate them
    Just POUND their economy-meaning OIL
    Hell oil facilities-and Trucks pipelines ports(they-ISIS- have no ports)
    NO MONEY- NO THREAT to speak of
    No one will GIVE them a functional NUKE
    and other WMDS are only marginally effective
    Plain jane GUNS and Bombs can easily run up the score in undefended western targets
    The west will just PROFILE them-
    and shut them down
    We USA-imprisoned(humanely) plenty of our citizens in WW2-
    we were RIGHT TO DO IT- if that war had gone the other way…

    We would do it again
    Euro-trash-in LIVING MEMORY-concentrated and murdered MILLIONS of their citizens-
    the vast majority of which were FULLY Assimilated-hell some with blond hair blue eyes
    ZERO chance they wouldn't do it again

    Best predictor of future behavior

    I doubt it will come to that
    but I have little doubt the euros are capable of mass murder of their citizens and non citizens
    They might NUKE various ME cities-small nukes-but still nukes-

    The ME mess- just another screw up-like the idiotic giving weapons to the Mu-ja-had-deen by our idiot "anti-commie" congress "charlie Wilsons war"
    which brought al quaida to life

    and our (CIA and Britian) deposing Moos-a-Deg IN 1953 in Iran-putting in the shah-that was ALL cheap oil-
    hell that oil-by 1973-became MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE-the EMBARGO after Yom Kippur war

    New technology-fracking+ conservation+ wind+ solar+ poor economy+CO2 problems-mean that fossil energy-isn't so vital-
    hell the USA- if pushed-could be COMPLETELY independent energy wise-(we could use coal- in a push-might even be able to capture CO2-expensive but possible)
    conservation and efficiency

    and we have more wind potential than any country on earth
    probabaly have plenty of NUKE fuel
    didn't we buy it from the russians??
    weapons that were "DEMILED"?
    Simple to deconcentrate nuclear fuel

    and now these same republicans will win the presidency
    and kick the cold war-against russia-into high gear
    just stupid

    Really they are seeming ignorant of history
    And why in the HELL should the USA give a sh%4 about Ukraine??
    The Russians and Ukranians- have been going at one another FOREVER
    they don't need our help

    The Ruskies-have been GOOD ALLIES of the USA
    Granted originally they were Hitlers allies-but everyone knew that was a marriage headed for divorce-violent divorce

    Anyway it is a mess
    but not much for us-USA- much more a Euro problem
    and Israel-is kinda screwed
    if they attack Iran-who is their "wrong enemy"
    they MIGHT manage to do the impossible
    Get Sunni and Shia to become allies
    so I don't think they will
    eventually Iranians will make peace with Israel
    because they BOTH hate Arabs more

    Hell the Saudis JUST managed to get perhaps 1000 Iranian pilgrims KILLED- stomped to death in MECCA
    The Iranians don't think it was an accident-even if it was just incompetence
    funny how persians got the brunt of it
    That isn't lost on Iran/Persia ancient enemies of ARABS
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  8. priusCpilot

    priusCpilot George

    Totally! That why I don't watch the BS hijacked networks here. All propaganda and they never show the truth.

    The politicians want a big pay day from corps that run the US. All ways the innocent pay the price for these greedy evil bastards.

    The US Gov and their minions still are supporting jihadist BUT killing them where they don't want them outside of Syria.
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  9. EdwinTheMagnificent

    EdwinTheMagnificent Legend In His Mind

    Didn't our Democrat president do a good job of keeping us at war since 2009 ?
  10. phoebeisis

    phoebeisis Well-Known Member

    Hey who lit the fuse
    Hillary gets "some blame"
    for not seeing the handwriting on the wall
    The Muslim brotherhood takeover of Egypt should have been enough to convince her to NOT BACK THE REBELS(sunni) in Libya-but
    Most of the blame for this SCREW UP
    As the President Bush(the one with sense)
    Goes to the folks who advised George the lesser
    The SOB Cheney
    and his arrogant "best grades in class at some ivy league school" neocons
    Folks cut from the same cloth as the 2008 Banker types
    Arrogant selfish waaaaay too certain they are right folks
    Even now these dumb bastards want to
    1)Taunt Russia
    2) Want to Bomb Iran
    3) Want to put troops on ground in the ME in BIG numbers

    Obama has it right
    Just DRONE them-forever
    good upper middle class jobs building drones and munitions
    Of course it won't "stop them"
    but eventually a more suitable bunch will stab them in the back-and take over-murder 10,000's of their fellow muslims
    and we will live happily ever after with several Saddams in place-
    They ME folks- don't want democracy-why in hell would they want a western concept like that??(where the guys with the best ad men wins-usually meaning the guy with the most $$ backers-of course the $$ people usually back both sides)
    They want a reasonably benevolent tyrant-not unlike the Rooskies

    We get "bought candidates" so…
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  11. phoebeisis

    phoebeisis Well-Known Member

    Bad form to reply to my own thread
    Especially on such(gun control religious freedom should we exclude sunni muslim immigrants who aren't KURDS)

    The CA horror story
    1) Dems immediately went all gun control-workplace violence
    2)Reps immediately went all prayers-pointless but in a different way

    But then it became clear-just the names were enough for anyone with an ounce of sense
    that this was ONCE AGAIN
    SUNNI MUSLIMS being sunni muslims-

    1)Reps as always suggesting that if more regular people were armed-these attacks would be "tougher" since all targets would be harder if say 5 people were armed- with handguns(usually a rifle is a HUGE advantage over a pistol)
    2) Dems saying 1) they are untrained and would miss(like cops don't miss at least 80% of their shots) 2) armed folks would get in little arguments and would end up killing more than they saved

    Now the Reps suggest-always-that carrying guns would be a NET DEATHS POSITIVE
    Now I like guns-but the Reps are liars
    more folks carrying guns in USA- would mean more deaths
    Fools killing fools-wives husbands kids strangers I don't know-
    I do think it would INHIBIT and make difficult these TERRORISTS killings
    and I weight that much more important than deaths caused by an OUTSIDE THREAT

    Deaths in the USA caused by terrorists- are 1000x more important than "the usual low lives killing low lives" deaths
    and the usual NUTS killing strangers-which would also be attenuated by a somewhat armed population

    The COPS are TRAINED so they can have guns argument-
    hey they FREQUENTLY shoot the wrong people-
    and they not infrequently are bullies or otherwise "not good"
    hey who in the heck WANTS to be a cop???
    Some are cops for unwholesome reasons
  12. phoebeisis

    phoebeisis Well-Known Member

    Yes we have seen "odd outsider immigrants" before
    the drunken violent breed like rabbits papist Irish catholics 1840's on
    Paddy wagon irish
    Drunk violent bring their fight-with the brits-to our shores
    But the violence from drunken micks was leavened by
    1) their church-they were catholics/christians and no way would the church condone murder-even of brits-they went to HELL not heaven with 70 virgins -if they committed murder-or committed SUICIDE
    2) The weapons of the day-pitiful single shot rifles and BLACK POWDER for bombs(later nitroglycerine-)
    3)general christian beliefs-which are usually ignore by GOVS-but the 10 commandments-as usually written are clear-
    Muslims HOLY BOOK and ancillary writings teachings INSIST you participate in church sanctioned MURDER AND SUICIDE-hell well poisoning(which western gov do-did- but not with catholic church approval)

    so current "god sanctioned murder suicide" violent muslins
    are nothing like the catholic/christian(go directly to hell if you murder or commit suicide) Mick immigrants or italians or any other christian or jewish immigrants
    they-all of them-could and were extremely violent-but they went to hell-(christians) or were shunnned in death-jews-if they were suicidal murders

    PS since I am of the mick persuasion I can casually slur them-
    not that I won't mildly slur the limeys krauts-who richly deserve it

    PPS Wayne if this is too contentious-let me know-I will dump it-or you can click it off
    there obviously is no "good simple solution" 300,000,000 GUNS means bad guys will always-forever BE ABLE TO GET THEM-no matter the laws
    and the should we let muslims in- hmmm bet most french germans belgiums wish they had seen the future on that
    just 70 years ago-living memory-the germans "went off" on a not one bit violent group of outsiders
    so I have no doubt European GOVS are capable of mass murder of outsiders on a truly grand scale-the muslims better keep that in mind
    Brits INVENTED concentration camps to imprison European Boers-so safe bet they wouldn't have any qualms about repeating it
    and we did something similar(with good reason) to japanese-and some germans italians- in WW2
    IF WW2 had gone differently those japanese would have been our quisling overlords-
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