Newbie here, 52 mpg segment :D

Discussion in 'Fuel Economy' started by Sabrejet, Jun 9, 2015.

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    The car was my dad's '03 Civic 3-stage D16 VTEC with an ancient, fuel-hungry 4 speed slush-box.This was my second ever attempt; my first attempt was more than 4 months ago, yielding 43 mpg. I live on campus, and I don't have a car for most of the year.

    Just like before, I had no instrumentation, 20w-50 oil, a partially hanging under-tray, a broken sunroof seal, and parents (they count as weight right :D. Not much though, at a combined 275 lbs, in addition to my 135 :eek:). Joining me this time were under-inflated tires (sub 30 psi tires), and a trunk full of my entire dorm room belongings.

    The weather was scorching at 100+ the entire journey; A/C use was mandatory. Here's the thing though; I somehow convinced my parents to bite the bullet, and I didn't use A/C the entire time. They were none too happy about it, to put it mildly :D. To top it off, the driver's side window doesn't open, but I can take that sort of heat fairly easily. Gives me a great advantage during hypermiling.

    I didn't get to drive all the way from my college though; I only got 56.4 km. Those 56.6 km only cost 2.54 liters of regular unleaded, yielding 52 mpg just on my second major hypermiling attempt in months. There were only two changes from my last, 43 mpg segment: slower speeds and FAS. I even used a 2 km long, partially successful D-FAS. With 0w-20, 60 psi, instrumentation, and HS-P&G, 65+ seems like a very realistic target.

    I have to admit though, my speed was a bit low; 37-62 range in a 75 (upper limit). Traffic here is a lot different than US interstates though; people don't go 10 over, since speeding tickets are much more strictly enforced. The lower speed limit is 37 mph; there are trucks and even cars going that speed in the slow lane, and no one seems to mind. You even have people doing 50-55 in the middle lane. The traffic is also sparse and widely spaced. The cities are a much, much more different story :eek:

    People in my country claim that they can't get more than 30 mpg in this car with 'hypermiling'. Wonder what sort of 'hypermiling' they use :rolleyes:.
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    Good job, and welcome!

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