What Trucks Can Learn From Bicycles

Discussion in 'Commerical Transportation' started by JohnM, Jun 9, 2015.

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    And why a Silicon Valley firm thinks that will save them money and gas.

    If the Obama administration gets its way, trucks are about to work a lot harder to fight global warming. As the New York Times reported just over a week ago, the Environmental Protection Agency may push trucks, which account for about 25 percent of vehicles’ greenhouse gas emissions, to make significant improvements on their current, pathetic fuel consumption of 5 to 6 miles per gallon. Trucking companies will likely object strenuously, even though they stand to gain financially from using less fuel.

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    Recently read an article about how CUMMINS hit a home run by embracing

    1) Clean technology-instead of whining and looking to the GOV to ease regulations-they R&D-ed their way to bigger market share
    2)Manufacturing in the USA-instead of setting up LOW BALL assembly lines in low wage asian nations-the INFO REVOLUTION allows some things
    but when you are building something-their is no substitute for actually eyeballing production problems and QC problems-
    Beside the folks in indiana that build Cummins motors-LOVE THEIR CORP
    No one in the WORLD LOVES TOYOTA-or MB-or BMW-LEXUS
    Folks-buyers-do still love Jeep GM FORD MOPAR(especially with those TDs-Cummins and the LITTLE Italian one)

    Just guessing Cummins will be all in on this-

    Didn't NAV STAR do the exact opposite-and TANK a great USA corp because of an arrogant leader who insisted his engineers just DO IT HIS WAY-which was the WRONG WAY- on some EPA type challenge

    Cummins will make LEMONADE with this challenge
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    5 or 6 mpg? I have never gotten that low. I average in the mid-8mpg range...

    ...anyhow it does make me worry that my job will be in jeopardy. More regulation = more $$ the company is not putting in drivers' pockets.
  4. EdwinTheMagnificent

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    I'll bet Toyota employees in this country love Toyota. And apparently a few others love Toyota too, since it IS the largest auto manufacturer in the world.
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    Here are a couple of video playlists from Peterbilt and Kenworth on their "supertruck" designs. Peterbilt first. Part 1 of 4


    Then the Kenworth. Part 1 of 3


    A lot of the aero enhancements of both these trucks may work in the southern states with the odd trip into snow country. I would think that sending all those movable trailer skirts with rollers and the air cylinders etc. into a 27 month Canadian prairie winter these things will be failing at a very high rate.

    On a side note I removed my fuel tank skirts just over a year ago because the lower mounts were wearing and causing the skirt to vibrate. The skirt and bracket weight was in the 100 - 125 lb range but with all the dirt and mud that can't be removed in a normal wash, I took about 200 lb off the truck. Year to year mpg went from 8.5 (cdn) to 8.4 with the skirts off and driving a bit faster a bit more.

    If you're into trucks at all, Todays Trucking has a pretty good Youtube channel.

  6. jcp123

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    I'm not really convinced that these trailer skirts make much difference. Most of our trailer fleet has them, but on occasion I'll pull a trailer without and mileage comes in right in the range I'd expect. The skirts might be better if the front were closed off a bit more right behind the landing gear. And I'm not yet convinced that tractor styling couldn't be more aerodynamic.

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