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    What's the actuarial research on airbag vests? Motorcycling is usually 36 times more dangerous per mile than caging, but airbag vests promise to drastically reduce the level of lethality.

    What I can't seem to find, however, is the exact figure; ie, exactly what is my actuarial risk from motorcycling provided I wear a helmet, as well as a mid-range airbag vest?

    I want to get into motorcycling because of the CBR500R and the CBR300; the CBR500R provides a flexible riding platform with fuel economy essentially equivalent to the CBR300, but what's scaring me away right now is the severe actuarial risk from riding.
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    I've looked at them, but at the time I looked, they were really expensive. Maybe the price has come down since then. I really like the idea. My belief is if you're on a motorcycle, buy the best gear you can afford. I wear Snell helmets, a blaze orange jacket with body armor, armored motorcycle pants, tactical leather boots, and full finger armored gloves. I'm not your typical Harley rider, but after driving ambulances for 10 years I firmly believe in wearing the best gear possible.

    As far as risk goes, I highly recommend taking as many classes as you can. I highly recommend the advanced rider course. I believe its best if you can keep the bike upright and avoid the accident altogether, than have to depend on gear to protect you, but when that instance comes, be wearing the best gear you can get.

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