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Discussion in 'Fuel Economy' started by jared521, Nov 24, 2014.

  1. jared521

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    hey people, new member here. ive been lurking around for a while. my car never sees the hiway. but i had to take a 50 mile hiway trip to day around 10:00 am. my route was all hiway going up 95 north in ma and returning.50 miles each way. the scanqauge said 51mpg on the way up and 58 for the return trip. the car is a 2001 corolla 5speed.tires aired up to 50psi. and mild hypermileing. 55-65 mph some eoc. just wanted to see what people thought.:stickshift:
  2. jcp123

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    51= good. 58 = great job. I had a best all-time of 50.75, but it was a bit further with an auto trans. Lots of drafting, too. But my Echo is several hundred lbs lighter and with 300 fewer CCs under the hood.
  3. jared521

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    well the best i have ever done for a whole tank is 44.? but thats city/hiway. also hand calculated.my usual is 38-42 mpg. my last tank was 40.? for the tank combined. although the car never sees any hiway travel. i have a 12 mile drive to work. all secondary roads. ive gotta get the grill block going. ive been slacking on that. :rolleyes:
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    Sounds like your lurking and practice has paid off. Nice work!

  5. litesong

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    I like over-inflation, too, but 50psi is too high if a child or animal runs into the road in front of you, you have to maneuver to avoid an accident or the rain & snow come down. My 40psi pressures give over EPA highway mpg records, & good tire longevity.
  6. EdwinTheMagnificent

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    That's why we have the ability to adjust our tire pressures as the weather and conditions demand it. And kids and animals need to stay off the damned road !
  7. jared521

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    thanks for the replies folks. the tire sidewall says 44psi, the only problem so far is high speed turns. car tends to slide a bit in the rain. :eek:. but i have extensive experience in that reguards. i used to have a 620 hp mustang. in my younger years. and lets not talk about the mpg of that car...hmm gobs of power with quater mile gears and a 5speed. but anyways i fueled up the corolla today. and the mileage worked out to 40.5 for the tank. i guess thats good for winter gas in new england. i will say the winter gas has knocked my wifes prius v down to 40-41 mpg she was getting 45-46. this is our first winter with the v. last winter she had the c. although i dont remembe what the winter mpg was. i know the car got 60mpg the rest of the year.
  8. The Doctor

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    I do try to get the best MPG that I can, but since my Kia Soul is a working car and not just a pleasure vehicle, or grocery getter, I kind'a have to take what I get for MPG.

    I do run my 15" Kelly Explorer tires at 42 psi, for highway and everyday driving. They work great at that pressure and give me great performance and they don't hydroplane on wet roads and standing water.

    However, to get max traction on my sand roads, like when I'm pulling my 800# Road Drag, I drop the front tires down to about 18 psi. That puts a lot more 'Rubber on the Road' and my traction more than doubles. My little Soul can then pull like a John Deere.

    Once done with the road work, I re-inflate the front tires back to their normal 42 psi.
    Over the years I've played around with different pressures for different tires and I've settled on 42 psi as the correct pressure for me and my driving style.

    Happy Holidays Everyone!

    The Doctor :cool:
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    Sounds good!

    Heh, every time I see the thread title I think about those "hot or not" websites. Maybe we need something like www.efficientornot.com ... ;)


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