Chevy Van G20 (1984)

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    Yeah we sorta car camp on road trips.
    Big ice chest,mattress in back-
    stop at a rest stop-picnic on ham sandwiches-cheese ,butter tomato mustard apples grapes-yeah it is fun eating road side

    A van is great for car camping-lots or room to put a mattress-none of that sleeping bag sleeping pad BS-fine for kids but older adults need a real mattress and our own pillows

    I vote yes on the black van-but the others are just fine-and one had the "lifted top" a nice for more head room

    08ESCAPE- Right-my 1998 suburban probably wouldn't get me $1500-but I trust it enough to drive it cross country-AC still nice and cold-still gets decent mpg
    granted it leaks a little oil-probably oil pan gasket where it meets plastic cam cover-but who cares-oil is cheap
    and stop leak stopped my coolant leak
    I did two 3000 mile trips with a high radiator leak-it would leak down-and them all but quit losing coolant(all but meant I checked it every 300 miles-no hardship)

    Yeah older GM trucks-are nearly owner proof if you don't mind repairing them occasionally and you keep an eye on the oil and coolant
    I'm convinced the older ones have survivor bias-they were "built lucky originally" best parts just by luck of draw-and any bad parts were changed out years ago
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    Re : Chevy Van G20 (1984)

    Many months latter we considered many options, from a newer diesel Van to a bigger motorhome Van, but in the end this is what we bought:

    - Toyota Hilux 3.0 D4-D MT (2008)
    - Tisher 230L Pick-up Cabin (2011)

    For the first 170 km (30 km with cabin) BC is showing 8.3 l/100 km or 28 MPG US, I will check the BC error when I first fill it up.

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