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    I like the convenience of having data access anywhere, but I use very little. I was introduced to Republic by comments here and I've enjoyed their 3G unlimited plan at $25/month. Now, I've switched to their base+.5gb 4G plan for ~$20 tax included/month with a refund for any 4G data I don't use. Like Andrew, I should get about $5 back.

    For even better coverage, I might look at Google fi. Costs more and currently only works with the Nexus 6 (so BIG phone), but that would be a luxurious phone and coverage for me for base $20 + monthly data minus refund for unused data, a bit like Republic though Google was probably there first.

    I like that there are options opening up to big data users as well as bottom feeders like me, and less of a strangle hold by the big carriers. My wife's still tied to VZW with iPhone, but she's happy and it's a business expense for her.


    p.s. I also have a soon to be defunct FreedomPop
    access point with free 500MB/month 4G data.
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    Hi All:

    I received a little thank you for being a T-Mobile customer for a year...


    5-lines, 2.5GB of 4G LTE on each line, unlimited 2G afterwards, Unlimited music streaming, Unlimited 3-months 4G LTE promotion to keep people from jumping over the Holidays and all for just $128/month all in incl. taxes and fees.

    In every major city, great coverage. Out in the boondocks, you are going to Wi-Fi call wherever you can find it. Only shortfall I have experienced anyway.

    I will stay with the Uncarrier called T-Mobile.

    Purchased my S5 about 18 months ago for $450. Purchased my mom's S4 for $250 a little over a year ago. My youngest's LG G3 for $240 with a swap about a year ago, my oldest son and his wife purchased S4s for $225 and $250 a year ago as well.

    The AT&T promotional LG G4 has another 7-months before the contract runs out. At that time, I will sell it on Swappa for a T-Mobile LG V10 or whatever else comes next.

    The LG G4 was on-sale at T-Mobile for $324 a few weeks ago. Best phone I have ever used even if it is on the AT&T Network. AT&T has no signal at my parents home but they recently upgraded towers near our home in Carlsbad, CA so at least I can make a call from within our home there now. If it were not free, I would be on T-Mobile in a sec.

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    Hi All:

    Last of the family moving off #VZW to #TMobile.

    FB_IMG_1466312422310.jpg FB_IMG_1466312426991.jpg

    2 new 64 GB iPhone s' for $750 ea. ($1,500 total) minus $400 rebate and an iPhone 6s Plus from Swappa coming onto the plan.

    Two new lines add $20 + tax to my current $110 for 5 lines. Now $130/month + tax minus 15% Corp Discount coming on Monday for a Grand total of $110.50 + tax for 7 lines on the 2.5 GB/mo 4G LTE, unlimited talk and text plus other stuff...

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    I'm on Google Fi. I have a LG Nexus 5X 32 GB which cost $249. They also offer it with 16 gb at $199. You can buy it outright or spread the cost out over 24 months. $20 per month unlimited voice and text. Data is $10 per Gig and it is a prepaid plan. What ever data you don't use is credited back to you on the next months bill. So say you only use 500 mb they'll credit you back $15 and you have signed up for the 2 gb plan. Works in 120 countries local data is the same as in the U.S. with international calls charged at .20 per minute. It runs on both the T-Mobile and Sprint networks.
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    Hi All:

    It was just announced that Verizon will begin notifying users who have been flagged as using an “extraordinary” amount of data via mailer and through bill messages explaining to them the loss of their unlimited data and their options to stay with Big Red. Verizon is forcing these out of contract “extraordinary” data users to move to The Verizon Plan (a tiered plan) by August 31 or they will shut down the line. If they don’t take that option by August 31 and their line is disconnected, they will have up to 50 days to re-activate, but of course, they can only do so by switching over to The Verizon Plan.


    No word on what that specific amount might be, but now might be a good time to make arrangements.

    Alternative services w/ Unlimited Data

    T-Mobile: $95 (26GB deprioritization)
    MetroPCS: $60 (26GB deprioritization)
    Sprint: $75 (23GB deprioritization)
    Cricket: $70 (8mbit LTE speed cap, unknown deprioritization)
    Boost: $60 (23GB deprioritization)
    AT&T: $100 (w/ DirecTV contract, 22GB deprioritization)

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    So, unlimited is limited? That could be a legal battle ... though they have forced everybody to accept 3rd party arbitration.
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