Volvo's engineers (and marketers) have been into the akvavit again

Discussion in 'Other Manufacturers' started by brick, Jul 11, 2014.

  1. brick

    brick Answers to "that guy."

    One of the Volvo forums that I browse is in the midst of a bona fide freak-out over this:


    Apparently some people got really excited when Volvo announced a 400bhp, 472ft-lb drive train that will be available in the upcoming XC90 redesign. That is until they saw this:


    Clunky badging aside, it turns out that Volvo has developed a new plug-in architecture to go with their new range of 4-cylinder "Drive-E" engines. This monster is the first application. The press release quotes 40km/25mi of electric-only range. Details of the architecture are a little fuzzy, though. The press release makes it sound like a through-the-road hybrid (gas engine powering the front wheels, 80hp electric motor/generator at the rear) but the press image appears to show HV cables heading to the front as well. So who knows.


    No doubt this will be a $65k vehicle, and therefore of little practical interest to most of us. But it's really nice to see progress. I want Volvo ergonomics in my next fuel miser, even if it won't be this:


    Eventually someone is going to have to pry Wayne out of his Audi diesels for a week so that he can tell us what's what. ;)
  2. xcel

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    Hi Tim:

    I have some detqail on it but it might be a while..

    In a Corolla on Tuesday and an Avalon Hybrid the week after that. Then home to Drive a RAM 1500 with the 3.0L EcoDiesel in 2WD stripper form. Rollup windows and all. A Volvo will probably not arrive for some time. :(

  3. jcp123

    jcp123 Caliente!

    There's an el-strippo model in someone's press fleet?! Send my thanks to Chrysler for having one!

    Interesting stuff from Volvo. I'd kind of like to see what direction Volvo takes from here in out.
  4. phoebeisis

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    Wayne-you aren't kidding-Ram Chrysler is putting out and actually selling-a stripped 1/2 ton Ram TD??

    The normal SOP- with in demand vehicles-is to screw the consumer as much as possible when you have an in demand vehicle??
    Now it is USUALLY the dealers-doing MOST of the screwing with $1000 pin stripes and $300 vehicle care kits(some wax) and various other pure crapola

    Rollup windows-kidding right??

    Slight aside my 1980 D100 had roll up windows and the old vent windows-
    in just 3 years-they RUSTED SHUT- yeah poor Dodge had poor QC then-
    and NOLA not rust belt no snow no salt-despite the rain-we have very little rust by comparison to you rust belt MW and NE folks.
    Yeah-I was a REal cheapskate- NO AC- $550 OPTION on $5000 D100 ($5400 otd)-
    so I was stuck with JUST the vent windows thru 3 NOLA summers
    Served me right for being such a cheapskate!!
    Learned that lesson-paid another $1100 to add AC BUMPER RADIO and some other crap to my stripper 4 CYL 4 SPEED MT 1986 Toyota truck- $6700 OTD
    Yeah stripper so no 5 speed MT- 4 SPEED.
    Good truck but it had the HARSHEST RIDE- freakin buckboard-but great mpg
    24 mpg pure city in my pre-hypermiling days!! 2700 lbs 100 hp(maybe)

    Yeah curious to see if Dodge will actually sell this stripper
    Wonder if they will put it-TD-in their minivans-JUMP Honda Toyota-
    perhaps downsides it a bit-don't need 400 ft lbs and 240 hp in a minivan
    180 hp 300 ft lbs would be plenty for 4500 lb minivan- 8 speed AT
    But once again their 3.6 spark motor is soooo good soooo cheap
    why bother??
    But it would be cool-first TD USA minivan-
  5. brick

    brick Answers to "that guy."

    It should be interesting. People seem pretty happy so far with the two new 4-bangers that have reached the US. The complaints to date are coming entirely from people who have gotten themselves hung up on the idea that putting a 4-cylinder engine in a "premium" or "luxury" car is "just wrong." You can't compete in that market unless you have 6 or 8 cylinders and burn 20-30% more fuel for no apparent reason. :rolleyes: My only worry is that if I test drive a new one to see what the fuss is about, it'll ruin my current ride for me. That would suck since I'm sure as hell not springing for a $40k new car any time soon.

    I think the real gains will come as Volvo phases-out existing platforms in favor of Scalable Platform Architecture over the next few years, starting with the XC90. They're talking about pretty substantial weight reductions to go along with the new drive train tech. As long as reliability stays reasonable I think they'll gain some market share. (That goes double if the new vehicles look anything like the concepts.)
  6. jcp123

    jcp123 Caliente!

    That stigma should go away. Audi has been putting turbo fours in A4s for a long time, and now Cadillac (ATS) and BMW (3-series) too. Even Mercedes in the CLA.

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