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    i recently did a 900+ mile 87 vs 93 octane mpg compar-o.. i averaged 2.9 more mpg with the 93 octane. works for me. i didnt include the mpg of the transition tank of fuel in the compar-o. so i accually rode a total of 1100 miles for this experiment.
    one of the detonation (distortion) indicators when using lower octane fuel, is a drop in mpg. which is what happens to me every time i use 87 octane fuel. note: just because i cant hear engine ping doesnt mean it not happening. just means i cant hear it ping.

    2005 suzuki v-strom 1000cc v-twin
    11.3:1 CR 4* BTDC
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    Most motorcycles are setup to run on premium, so if you put 87 in it, you will probably experience a drop in mileage and power.

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