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  1. Fox news interviewed an 'expert' this morning that said do not inflate tires to sidewall psi, use the number in the door.


    Jeff Bartly maybe was his name
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    If he's on TV or the Internet , of COURSE he's an expert.
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    if the tires are checked and inflated as per specs when there hot they will be under inflated the very next morning (I tried to explain this to a tire shop a couple months ago & they looked at me like I was nuts) :eek:
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    Tire companies smile when they see these "experts" recommending deflating tires to the minimum pressure. It's money in the bank for the tire manufacturers, tire suppliers, tire stores...

    Funny anecdote - Local car dealer here gets lots of service calls in this cold weather because during each service, they set tire pressure in the warm shop to the "recommended" 32psi. And the next morning, after a 20F cold soak, the TPMS light comes on and people call in beeyatching about it. "Just had the car in and now there's some light on - what did you break?" They tell the people to drive the car for 10 minutes and the light will go out. They should probably add, "see you next year for a new set of tires".
  5. Tire store here told me I shouldn't inflate to max sidewall psi, becasue the psi goes up as the tires get warm.

    My last encounter went like this-
    well the tires are cold now, right? -yes
    And the tire says 51 psi cold and we put in 51 psi, right? - Yes
    You dont think the tire manufacturers know that the psi will go up as the tires get hot, and plan for that when they recommend no more than 51 psi cold? - no.

    Fedex here runs a bunch of GMC Savannas, 2500's with load range E tires that say 80psi. They put stickers on the fenders that say 50front/70rear. Around Christmas time they bring in uhauls, ryders, anything with wheels sometimes. This year it was uhauls, gmc savannas withthe same tires. Uhaul had stickers on the fenders saying 80psi
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    Car owners' manuals have included some form of that warning for a very long time. My 1962 Chevrolet manual says 24 cold, 29 hot, where "cold" is defined as "After the car has been parked for 3 hours or more or driven less than one mile." (Add 4 for rear of wagons.)

    You can overhear an amazing amount of bad tire advice by hanging out for a while near the counter of a chain tire store---which I did once at a Pep Boys.
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    Motorcycles have always had different pressures for lower and higher speeds on the placard.

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