Nissan's 500 Fast Charger Promise

Discussion in 'Nissan' started by DaveinOlyWA, Dec 25, 2013.

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    Its been quite a while since Nissan stated they wanted to put in 500 fast charge stations at Nissan dealerships with the goal of having them available 24/7. Well, the first part started out very slowly and the 2nd part has been nearly non-existent...up until now.

    In the recent past (not actually sure when they happened) Western WA Nissan Dealers have put in at least 4 or 5 fast chargers including two; Olympia and Puyallup with true 24/7 access.

    That means not locked up, turned off at anytime and requires no FOB!

    Other reports around the net has people in other areas seeing the same flurry of activity. So, I have to say it's bound to look better on Nissan's press releases to say "XXX fast chargers installed in 2013" even if 75% of them happened in the last few weeks of December.

    Sound familiar? Remember the December 2010 deliveries of LEAFs to the 4 initial launch areas? CA, WA, OR and TN? This allowed Nissan to say "delivering EV's since 2010!"

    Ok, no matter how it came about as long as it does AND continues.

    Need help from anyone in my area to run down whether other dealers here have also installed fast charger under a top secret protocol

    with up to 4 very recent fast charger installs at WA Nissan dealerships, can't help but wonder if there are other chargers out there we don't know about yet so looking for someone who has used or seen one used at WA dealerships ... omise.html
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    Hi Dave:

    I spoke with one of the automatrons manning the "Can I help you" pop ups from within the Nissan Leaf's consumer site about this just the other day. I received a reply back that Nissan does not know how many Level2 or 3 chargers are within the Dealer network or where are they located. The automatron told me to follow up with ChargePoint or the DOE charger site. Great help as you can tell.

    Been so extremely happy with the Level2 at Nissan of Downtown LA the past two years. They also have a new Level3 and one of the salesman was showing a lady how to plug it into her CHadeMo charge port equipped LEAF.

    She was not there very long either. ;) I should have snapped a pic. :(

  3. DaveinOlyWA

    DaveinOlyWA He who posts articles

    Ya, its amazing Nissan is not using them as a promotional tool. I think they are blowing a great opportunity
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    I just had my first taste of DC charging. What's not
    to like? 30 minutes 15% to 79% (40 deg). Finishing
    off on an L2 at a mall while the wife shops. I'll be
    working the L3 into my routine as I will be traveling
    farther on my commute.

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    Hi All:

    Two new CHAdeMO stations in Michigan

    Nissan has completed the installation of two new DC fast-charge stations in Southeastern Michigan, adding to the growing infrastructure of electric vehicle fast-chargers in the state. The stations are located at USA 2 GO convenience stores in the towns of Novi and Howell, along the I-96 expressway, allowing for easy access to one of the state's busiest highways.


    The two stations represent a more than 15 percent increase in Michigan's current fast-charge EV infrastructure. Each station, installed in collaboration with EVgo and GoSpace, includes both CHAdeMO and CCS DC fast-charging outlets so all EV owners have the ability to charge their vehicles. Of the 15 DC fast chargers now on-line in the state, Nissan had a direct part in the installation of each one. Additionally, Nissan has played a part in the installation of 55 percent of all CHAdeMO fast-charge connections to date across the U.S., and recently announced the I-95 Fast-Charge ARC project that connects a 500-mile span between Boston and Washington D.C.

    This expansion will allow EV owners a quick, safe and convenient place to charge their vehicles while traveling greater distances. Nissan is proud to reaffirm its commitment to public fast-charging infrastructure with these new locations in anticipation of the upcoming next-generation Nissan LEAF. The all-new LEAF will be unveiled globally in September.

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