Had to try it - how many EV miles in a day?

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  1. 7 weeks in the volt and I couldn't help it. Had to try for the record of most EV miles in a day.

    Needed to wait for 2 days off in a row, one for the 24 hours of drive/charge/drive cycle and the following day to be a lazy day for recovering while I attempt to chip away at the honey do list.
    Also had to wait until the 240 charge station showed up. Installed Monday.

    Started out with a 54 mile loop. 2 miles out of town, 50 miles on 55 mph country roads with minimal slows/stops, and 2 miles back into town.

    First run at 1:50 am back in the drive at 3:13. Catch a nap and recharge.
    2nd run, same loop, 7:00 to 8:15. Mow the lawn, scrape and paint on the house while recharging.

    Third run - here's where I goof. Need to pick up supplies for the paint project. There's a charge station in Kalamazoo across the street from a Menard's and within range. But it took me about 15miles on I94. Even keeping it under 60 the higher speeds ate up some range vs the 45 I was running on the 55psl roads. Then there was the thunder storms and mall traffic with all the back to school shoppers. Oh well, made it on ev and walked to Menard's. Still pouring rain so I didn't want to walk 15 minutes up the street to Red Robin for lunch while I killed time charging so I hung out at the food court for lunch. Did some other shopping too.
    Seemed like the charge station took too long. Idk I have only seen 3.1kwh at most and this one was 3.0kWh. Everyone says the volt charges at 3.3.
    Headed back to home with a partial charge but there is another station along the route and 13 miles from home. Yup stopped there for 30 minutes to get enough juice to make it home. This Kalamazoo loop killed my #s for the day. Oh well, topped of the charge at home and did a repeat of the original loop. Charged for 2 more hours and finished out the 24 hours.

    268.33 miles.


    Good enough for an 8th place. http://www.voltstats.net/Stats/Achievements (click on most ev miles in a day)

    Next attempt should be better
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    That's a lot of EV miles. Good work !
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    I can work out a theoretical maximum for me based on some loose

    1 hour charging (level 2) for every 30 miles of driving.

    Charging + 30 miles driving takes about 1.75 hours (don't want to
    go too fast and have to spend a few minutes overhead for plugging

    Comes out to a little over 411 miles in a 24 hour period; about 450
    miles if I use 1.6 hours for each 30 mile grouping. You can group
    as many 30 mile chunks together as you wish depending on your
    battery capacity. About 1.5 for the Volt. About 2.0 is comfortable
    on the Leaf.

    The benefit of this experiment on the Volt is you won't get stranded
    somewhere in a drive loop if you accidentally miscalculate your
    range. :)

    You can try optimizing speed vs charging time. i.e. drive faster and
    spend less time driving, but you use more energy per mile and have
    to charge more/longer per mile driven.

    Now, Tesla Model S and DC chargers? Oooh, baby! I'll leave that
    exercise to you. :)

    I don't think I'll try it.

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    Does the Volt tell you how many KWHrs it used to get 268 miles?
  5. It does tell you kWh since last full charge. I was trying to unplug just before the charge was done, but the estimated charge time was off by 30+ minutes on the first charge. It was the first full charge from my L2 charge station at home too.

    The record on voltstats is 312 miles in 24 hours. That guy was avg 30 ish mph iirc.
    I don't think I can redo it at 30-35 mph on 55 mph two lane roads.

    52 miles is the highest estimated range I've seen on the dash so far. 52/4 hour charge time is 13 miles for every hour charging. But I did get 54 miles on a charge multiple times now.
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  6. Hmmmm. Volt factory has a test track and solar L2 charging.


    Wonder what the chances are?!

    I'll call it 'The 24 hours of D-Ham'
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    Go for it! I just saw this. Congrats!

    I got in ours yesterday and the range was at 42 miles. I drove it 20 miles last night and the range was at 44 this morning. 7 days ago I had days ago I left it with a 49 mile range. My wife continues to whittle it down. Oh well. It is still using no gas.
  8. I'm going to try a 24 hour run again, I know it, its in me - I cant stop myself.

    Looking at my route from the first try I could:
    do the full loop for the first run at 2am - no traffic, run slower and extend it to maybe 60+ miles.
    Then shave off some miles and do a 43 mile loop for the rest of the runs. This would let me unplug sooner - dont have to wait for a full charge, just enough to do 43 miles.
    There is a charge station on the route, 13 miles from home, if I ran low on juice.

    I could easily pitch a tent in the middle of a test track and go for a 24 hour record run. But there is something to be said for doing it on public streets (real world) and 'public charging'

    I may email the guy at the volt factory. IDK what he can do, other then laugh at me :)
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