Camry Water pump failure warning

Discussion in 'Toyota Camry Hybrid' started by KenSoren, Jun 13, 2013.

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    I was surprised to not see this posted in this forum but feel obligated to warn everyone.

    Keep an eye on your coolant overflow tank and if you see the coolant level going down leaving no coolant on your garage floor there is a good chance that your water pump is failing. My '09 TCH has a little over 52k miles on it and is 7 months short of 5 years old. I saw the coolant level was low so I had Toyota check it out and replace the pump as part of the power train warranty. I have read that many Toyota Camry owners are having water pump problems so it is smart to have it checked out before you are past the 5 year 60,000 mile power train warranty period.
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    This may be a dumb question , but if the coolant level is going down , and there is no sign of coolant on your garage floor , where did the missing coolant go ?

    When the original pump in my Old Red Civic Si failed at 155K miles , it started leaking very noticeably whenever the engine was running. I must , however , admit that I wasn't really monitoring the level in the coolant reservoir before this happened.
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    Mostly on the road. Still, unless a water-pump leak is very slow, at least a few drops are likely to fall wherever the car is parked, including "your garage."
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    I didn't see any coolant on the garage floor but the amount in the overflow tank did go down so when I had it in for the power window switch recall I had Toyota check it out.

    From what I have read on another forum you need o find the water pump and see if there is pink coloring on or around it. That is an indication that the pump is going out and it should be replaced.
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