Your Fav Turnaround CEO to Save GM, Ford, or Chrysler would be...

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Your Fav Turnaround CEO to Save GM, Ford, or Chrysler would be...

  1. Lee Iacooca

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  2. H. Ross Perot

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  3. Bill Gates

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  4. Bob Knight

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  5. Steve Jobs

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  6. Carlos Ghosn

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  7. Other (please post it so a moderator can add him to the poll)

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  1. Chuck

    Chuck just the messenger

    Your Fav Turnaround CEO to Save GM, Ford, or Chrysler would be...
  2. Dan

    Dan KiloTanked in post 153451

    Steve Jobs, Not really a fan of his in particular, but he has a history of courage when confronted with risk. I think the current automotive industry is parralized by risk. That's why they won't drop their SUVs. They risk loosing customers that come in looking for SUVs.

    Good companies are innovative, bad companies are reactive.

    If you wait for the customer to tell you what they want, it's too late. Innovative companies set the trends that drive the market.

  3. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi Chuck:

    ___If the domestics all of a sudden had carte blanche with the UAW to clean house where it was needed, I would say Toyota’s Jim Press would be the man to take any of the three to new heights. Save them from extinction actually.

    ___The problem as I see it however is that some Automotive union jobs in parts of the industry are already down to minimum benefits and < a $12.50/hour wage. This is far less then the Asians pay their domestic employees let alone their employees in Japan. There has to be a balance because taking down a $26.50 job to $12.50 and cutting benefits by 2/3rds is not my idea of what an auto company should be doing to shore up the bottom line. Making HQ, nice looking and fuel efficient automobiles is Job #1 and both US management and the UAW are getting in the way of that goal …

    ___A side note … I love the looks of the new Ford Edge other then the cheapie interior. Build a version as an efficient PHEV-30 and Ford has themselves a sale!

    ___Good Luck

  4. Chuck

    Chuck just the messenger

    I don't know if any CEO could save Detroit alone - the corporate culture need changing in the worst way. If we were talking about a sports team - it needs to be exploded - redefined.

    Bob Knight - I was joking since he is infamous for his bad temper but as one of the great basketball coaches, he is intense, detail-oriented, honest, expects selfless teamwork from everybody. Shows his team the movie Patton. Someone like that in the auto industry would be promising.

    Steve Jobs - Has a lot in common with Bob Knight in being absoultely brutal to work for, but knows what he is doing and is a visionary. Might be the best choice.

    Bill Gates - I wrestle between him and Jobs. Gates may not innovate as well, but he is a better businessman than Jobs. Even when Microsoft was a near monopoly, he was constantly telling his team they could go down in 18 months. At Microsoft, that seems exgarratted, but at Detroit is seems true.

    Lee Iacocca - He did turn Chrysler around. He does know the auto industry.

    H. Ross Perot - Anyone mainframe programmer in Dallas will tell you all kinds of stories about EDS. Perot was in the Navy then IBM - made EDS, then later Perot Systems a hybrid of the two, with legendary (or infamous) high standards. Very demanding, but he got to create his companies. He got out of GM because of their management, then agains his inflexibility crippled what might have been a very serious Presidential bid in 1992. Perot is great when he can state his terms, but GM is a mess he did not tolerate.

    Carlos Ghosn - He has been talked about lately...

    The dated Sloan management style and the power of the UAW need to be addressed if Detroit is to survive - until then it may not matter who is in charge.
  5. Pravus Prime

    Pravus Prime Banned

    You can put whomever you want in the pilots seat, but a wingless burning airplane falling fro the heavens is still going to fall.

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