Not sure who the jerk was, but sobering photo

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    Photo taken from website of the local newspaper. It was a four vehicle accident that occurred earlier today. Only one person injured - said to be "non-life threatening injuries". Worth seeing the image, though, because it illustrates the risks of driving on today's roads, and there is a possibility that you may one day end up staring at the running board of a dump truck. And if so, you will want to be sure you are driving a modern car with airbags and good side impact and roof strength ratings. The fact that this Accord was more or less "run over" by a dump truck, and the driver is said to be injured but will live to see tomorrow shows the real value of modern auto design.

    There's no way to know if the "jerk of the day" was one of these two drivers, or one of the drivers of the other two cars, or another driver who caused the crash and drove on oblivious to the result. In your mind's eye, replace the Accord with the image of the car of a family member or loved one and you can appreciate how important it is to choose a vehicle with top safety ratings as well as great fuel economy.

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    Get a load of this...
    The injured person wasn't the driver of the Accord, it was a shoulder injury in a fourth car not seen in the photo. I guess the benefits of Honda's ACE body structure isn't just press pablum, eh???
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    Not that it matters, but it looks more like a Ro-Ro flatbed going to drop off a dumpster than a dump truck.
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    Yeah-dumptrucks-look even sturdier-grungier than that truck.
    Looks like it actually missed the driver and kinda hit climbed just in front of him.
    In any case-sturdy vehicle- helped
    Must have hit close to the seam of the front door
    and the truck was sooo tall it hit tire to door-and just rode up the car.

    Damn trucks need skirts lower wrap around bumper to prevent that=might even add a bit to hy mpg.
    Lucky driver!
  5. wow. Looks like it even poped the front pass tire from the weight

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