First tank in my "new" 2007 Camry Hybrid

Discussion in 'Toyota Camry Hybrid' started by antrey, Mar 15, 2013.

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    Last month I bought a 2007 Camry Hybrid and now my family is a full hybrid family with me in the Camry and my wife in a 2005 Prius. The image below shows the result for my first tank.:Banane06: My daily commute is terrible for FE as I have a less than 5 mile one way trip to work, luckily mostly downhill, then back up hill with a cold vehicle in the evening. Much to my surprise, I easily managed over 42MPG with Winter fuel and tire psi set to 40. I bought an engine block heater at the end of this tank and as soon as I get a timer will start using it consistently. In one experiment comparing the same route over two days I saw a 10% improvement by using the engine block heater to preheat for 2 hours. 55mph highway runs produce an easy 50+mpg. Overall mpg seems to be about 10mpg lower than a Prius in similar conditions although the 90+mpg 30-40 pulse and glide runs possible in the Prius are far above what I think is doable in the Camry. Pulse and glide is nearly impossible as experienced by Xcel in his review. The throttle position precision required and resistance presented make it almost impossible to go into a neutral glide with throttle control alone. I've resorted to manual shifting into Neutral somtimes but don't know how happy the transmission will be long term with this technique.

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    Hi antrey,

    Seems like you're having some good results.

    If the TCH is like the Prius neutral is fine as long as you aren't going above 45mph and probably fine if you're occasionally going a bit over 45mph.

    Neutral's not perfect but it's better than bad gliding. ;)
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    Do I understand correctly that "neutral" in those cars merely means there's no current in either direction to or from either motor, so they just spin freely, with nothing mechanically shifting? What happens over 45 mph? Engine has to run to keep motor speed within bounds?
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    Neutral disconnects the engine and stop current. You can,t use regen.

    Yes, the engine needs to spin to limit motor revs because of the permanent connections within HSD and from HSD to wheels. In neutral there's nothing to stop it. Note that it just needs to spin. It's normally running the engine but a high-spped glide where a motor spins the engine is possible in a Prius.
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    Well, I have shifted into neutral at 55 to 60mph a few times. I hope I didn't damage anything :s

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