KAT cartridge heater malfunction

Discussion in 'General' started by schuylkill, Feb 27, 2013.

  1. schuylkill

    schuylkill Well-Known Member

    I've had a KAT cartridge heater in my Elantra since Nov. 16th. I have it on a timer and it has been working well, use a 12 ga. cord out to me car. The other morning my temp was not up and when I checked the outlet's breaker had tripped and the heater is cooked. I got it at a local NAPA and it has a 12 month warranty and they are kindly ordering me another and I'll pick it up Saturday. Any suggestions on a set up that may be more reliable? (I think it shorted when I had it plugged directly to the outlet one morning without using the timer.)
  2. seftonm

    seftonm Veteran Staff Member

    Is there an OEM block heater you could get?
  3. schuylkill

    schuylkill Well-Known Member

    There's no Elantra heater, I think a Kia Optima unit will fit though.
    A buddy of mine suggested getting an inline GFI, I think that's a great idea, now that I know what it is.
  4. bump.

    Read the thread at the hyundai forum and found the hole on our elantra.

    did you get it replaced, still working?
  5. schuylkill

    schuylkill Well-Known Member

    Yes replaced at NAPA under warranty. I had it plugged in last night, went down to 37F. That and the pipe insulation grille block and good to go.
  6. Thanks for the update. I see it on napas site still. Will probably order it this week.
  7. Thanks for posting this here and referencing to other forum too.

    Got it in this morning. I had done a couple errands in the elantra this morning, so waiting for it to cool down before I plug in to test it. Right now it's still showing 80F ect
  8. Got a CEL this morning in the elantra. Coolant temperature sensor. Probably a glitch from being pre heated, Idk.

    Must be my special day - volt threw a CEL today too
  9. schuylkill

    schuylkill Well-Known Member

    Any new info on the CELs? I'm still waiting for my first with the Elantra...wait for it, wait for it.
  10. So far - just the one time in the elantra. The Agent was leaving for work, came back in the driveway. It was for coolant temperature sensor. I cleared it and it hasn't come back and I've been plugging in the heater for her almost every day since
  11. tribosessive

    tribosessive Well-Known Member

    My car is so glad that I live in the mildest of mild climates-Northern California w/San Francisco Bay as a natural insulator. I see that the 2015 Honda Fit can be ordered with a block heater and remote starter. I would seriously consider that, just to eliminate start up wear Just start it 30 seconds early-not 5 minutes . A block heater is a must in your areas IMHO. Thanks for the reports.

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