CleanMPG's First Drive Review of the 2013 Toyota RAV4

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    [​IMG]The RAV4 has come a long way baby!

    [fimg=right][/fimg]Wayne Gerdes - CleanMPG - Jan. 3, 2013

    2013 Toyota RAV4 FWD -- $24,145 to start including Destination and Handling and providing a 24/31 mpgUS city/highway rating.

    Scottsdale, AZ -- This desert town of over 215,000 residents is known mainly for its 4 and 5 star resorts, spas, golf courses and upscale shopping centers. At first you would guess urban sprawl but on a more sustainable front, the town is located smack dab in the middle of the Sonoran Desert hosting one of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet. Unusual wildlife and vegetation including 2,000 native plant species and the Saguaro cactus that can only be found within its confines are the highlights. This desert oasis may not be all that hospitable in July but in mid December, nowhere else can provide the wild beauty, diverse terrain, interesting wildlife and great weather. It just so happened to be an excellent venue for the introduction of the all-new light-duty FWD and AWD 4th generation 2013 RAV4 CUV.

    Meet the 2013 Toyota RAV4

    The first RAV4 is known as the original light duty crossover providing some of the attributes of an off-road 4x4 but without the poor ride and handling characteristics of most body on frame vehicles.

    Introduced in 1995, three generations and more than 1.7 million RAV4s have been purchased. And like most Toyota’s, the quality goes in before the name goes on, 80% of all RAV4’s sold in the last 17 years are still on the road today.

    The purpose of the RAV4? It is not meant as an off-road rock crawler but a light duty all-around crossover. Meaning light trails, unpaved or unimproved roads when you want to get away from it all. Where it shines however is its car like ride and responsive handling to meet your daily needs of commuting, transporting the family to and fro and those pesky weekend projects where a visit to the Home Depot requires some space to haul the “goods” back home.

    The designers of the RAV4 must have been involved with the latest Toyota catch all phrase entitled “Let’s Go Places” because that is exactly what the RAV4 was designed to do.

    2013 RAV4 Pricing, Options and Specifications

    The 2013 RAV4 arrives with three trim levels in a FWD or AWD format. Complete pricing, specifications, standard and optional equipment can be found within the 2013 Toyota RAV4 Pricing, Options and Specifications page.

    Toyota RAV4 Drivetrain

    What happens when you place the already powerful 176 HP and 172 lb-ft. of torque 2.5L engine from the Camry in a lightweight CUV? You get a pretty darn quick CUV. The hyper fast V6 is gone as is the 4-speed AT with a modern 6-speed automatic taking its place.

    Within that all-new 6-speed AT is new hardware and programming. One of the features is called “Flex Start” that allows the torque converter to more progressively lock up as low as approximately 12 mph providing improved fuel efficiency while also smoothing powertrain performance. The new engine did not have any problem holding lower RPMs during light or hard launches although when pushed, that 2.5L will roar inside the cabin.

    Toyota RAV4 Exterior

    Some of the indigenous wildlife on a local golf course mixing it up with the RAV4 :)

    From the front, the hoods layout is a reverse of many more so called “athletic designs” where the raised portion of the hood is in the center. On the RAV4, the feature lines come down off the A-pillars towards toe grille work with a smooth drop off of a few mm into the center of the hood. It adds softness vs. bravado and makes perfect sense for the RAV4s mission. The other highlight is the new projector headlamps with jewel like reflective surfaces on the inside. The curved wraparound lenses do not harm the "look" either.

    The grillwork itself is also unusual in that the honeycomb like mesh in the upper grille is decorative allowing no airflow into the engine bay. Only the two lower openings in the bumper fascia are open to the wind.

    From the profile, Toyota also added something pretty slick. That being a two bend character line running from the rear tail lamps where a sense of haunches was created and running forward above the body colored door handles only to disappear just under the base of the A-Pillar. Toyota’s standard air tabs at all four corners are evident for aerodynamic drag reduction and raised front and rear fenders provide an off-road look. A single thin chrome trim piece along the bottom window glass describes the classy belt line. The standard roof spoiler extends the roof arch and is said to drop a few counts from the aero drag as well.

    In the rear is where someone may have gotten a little to creative as there are compound curves, shelves and a taillight design that appears to be shaped for no apparent reason other than to “look different. Finishing the rear end on a high note, the side swinging rear hinge design of past RAV4’s has finally been replaced with a more traditional and parking lot friendly hatch design. It took 17 years but they finally figured it out. In addition, the Limited trims one-touch power rear liftgate incorporates a unique driver-selectable memory height setting. A handy feature for those of a shorter persuasion.

    Toyota RAV4 Interior

    Soft touch plastics where they are supposed to be and classy single stitch seam on the lower dash trim piece but the urethane wheel on the LE and XLE trim and no sunglass holder was a disappointment.​

    The new RAV4's interior has a more premium look and feel over its predecessor with much softer touch plastics in the central dash where you actually do control some of the gizmos, a real sewn texture print headliner instead of that Toyota standard mouse fir on egg carton you hear me complain about inside older Toyota’s from time to time and driver-centric controls. All RAV4 steering wheels will have controls for audio, Bluetooth, and the Multi-Information Display (MID).

    Like all Toyota’s, the RAV4 control stalks have a familiar and high quality look and feel. The base trim has formed stitching within the plastic trim piece that runs along the base of the dash and steering wheel hub cover adding a slightly more upscale look without the upscale price. The XLE uses real stitched seams in the lower dash trim piece whereas the Limited includes that and brightwork inlays in the vent directionals themselves.

    The seats were comfortable for the few hours I spent in them with the ergonomics better than older Toyota’s as the tilt and telescopic wheel, pedal depth and even lower seat cushions were long enough to fit comfortably. Like the XLE and Limited’s real stitching in the lower dash seam, those same trims include a real French stitched seam in the seats as well.

    Front to rear seat roominess was another plus with plenty of room for five 6 footers in both the front and the back if needed. And those in the back will enjoy the 60/40 split/fold second-row seats with the ability to recline a few degrees for even more comfort.

    Where the RAV4 deserves accolades is its cavernous rear cargo volume. The 2013 RAV4 is built off a smaller platform yet has more useable interior volume than its predecessor. No matter if the seats were up (38.4 cu. ft.) or down (a whopping 73.4 cu. ft.), you could load luggage, gear or supplies for the vacation trip into the wilderness or groceries and hardware runs for the more mundane day to day loads we are all subject to from time to time.

    It has more room than you would think a compact CUV should have.​

    2013 RAV4 Infotainment

    Standard on all RAV4 models is Display Audio with a 6.1-in. touchscreen, AM/FM/CD, SiriusXM Radio, Bluetooth connectivity, USB and AUX mini-jack, and six speakers.

    Available on XLE and Limited, Display Audio with Navigation and Entune includes advanced voice recognition.

    Available on RAV4 Limited, JBL Premium Audio features eleven GreenEdge speakers, including a subwoofer, and an eight-channel, 576-Watt max power amplifier.

    Entune 2.0 which includes three years of complimentary access to apps and services via most smartphones s is available on RAV4 XLE and Limited. Entune 2.0's includes: Bing, iHeartRadio,,, and Pandora.

    2013 RAV4 Ride and Handling

    A CUV is not at its best off-road nor is it meant to be an autocross sensation. The RAV4 is equipped with a MacPherson struts up front and a double-wishbone out back providing a smooth and compliant on smoother roads with decent road feel when the Sports mode was engaged (reduces power assist by 20%).

    When the going gets tough -- a few mile stretch of off-road washboard -- you really do not want to be driving a RAV4 as it will jar your teeth out. A lack of speed descent control is yet another reason to keep the RAV4 on light trails and save the serious off-road travels for those with serious off-road machines.

    The AWD system incorporates what Toyota calls Dynamic Torque Control meant to improve directional control by blending in up to 10% torque to the rear wheels at initial turn in to improve steering response. The RAV4 turned where I wanted it to go on tight switchbacks but I was not aware of any positive additions from the system during those maneuvers. There was more body roll compared to some of the sedans we have been driving as of late which was not unexpected. The system can also shunt up to 50% of the engines available torque to the rear wheels if needed. For off-road driving, the system incorporates an AWD Lock button. This allows drivers to lock torque distribution in a fixed, 50/50 ratio at speeds up to about 25 mph. Above this speed, the system automatically reverts to Auto mode.

    2013 RAV4 Safety

    On the passive front, the 2013 RAV4s arrives with a high percentage of high-strength steel chassis designed to move crash forces around the passenger safety cell. Front, side, side curtain, driver side knee and passenger seat positioning airbags are also standard.

    On the active safety front, the RAV4 has the Star Safety System including Enhanced Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), Traction Control (TRAC), Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD), Brake Assist (BA), Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), and Smart Stop Technology (SST) brake override system.

    An electronic tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) and rear view Back-Up Camera is also standard equipment.

    The Limited grade has an available Blind Spot Monitor system (BSM) that operates when RAV4 is traveling at approximately 10 mph or above. It can be turned off with a dashboard switch.

    The available Blind Spot Monitor incorporates Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA), which uses the Blind Spot Monitor radar sensors at the lower rear bodywork of the vehicle. When backing up, RCTA senses vehicles approaching from either direction and provides an audible warning combined with flashing indicators in the outside mirrors.

    Toyota’s have traditionally scored well in both the IIHS and NHTSA crash tests until the IIHS Small overlap was introduced a few months ago. I suspect the RAV4 will earn 5 stars on the NHTSA and receive the usual Top Safety Pick from the IIHS. With the recent trouble Toyota’s have received on that small overlap however, a Top Safety Pic + score (TPS+) remains in doubt.

    Fuel Economy Capabilities

    With the routes essentially going up into the mountains one way and descending out of them coming back, the 32 to 45 mpg runs really did not mean anything. However on a 5-mile stretch of the 101 enveloping the Phoenix area, the RAV4 did provide an indicated 41.8 mpg aFCD result with an elevation differential of just minus 5 ft. in low 60 degree temperatures and no wind with cruise control set at 60 mph for the distance.

    A promising result for a vehicle rated at just 31 mpgUS highway.​

    Early Conclusions

    While I have not made a competitive comparison table for this first drive, a segment leader in the form of the Honda CRV was on hand for a direct comparison. The seats in the CRV are terrible and within 20-minutes, I was squirming for a better position. The interior layout was a pickem with the CRV’s center console and storage being much larger and far more user friendly. The CRVs control knobs had much better tactile feedback and feel then the RAV4 as well. The CRVs interior plastics however were cheap, cheap and cheap.

    On the ride front, the CRV rode and drove like a truck. The RAV4 was much more compliant.

    While the CRV is definitely the target the RAV4 was aiming for, I would choose the RAV4 over it because of the seats and ride alone. I would also wait for the 2014 Mazda CX-5 with the high output 2.5L SLYACTIV-G for a back to back comparison if I were shopping this segment. The CX-5 has nicer interior appointments, handles better, and possibly pound for pound, has an advantage over both of these small CUV competitors. We’ll just have to wait and see.

    Another sample of the local wildlife in the Sonoran desert just outside the 2013 Toyota RAV4 launch venue.​
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    Re: Toyota December 2012 Sales up 9.0%, up 26.6% For the Year + 2013 RAV4 First Drive

    look for a RAV4 electric and/or hybrid next year, utilizing Tesla-influenced battery technologies; love that cargo area; good looks; Toyota quality.
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    Re: Toyota December 2012 Sales up 9.0%, up 26.6% For the Year + 2013 RAV4 First Drive

    its on sale right now in California, for a few months already, and selling poorly.. so far about 180 this year
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    Re: Toyota December 2012 Sales up 9.0%, up 26.6% For the Year + 2013 RAV4 First Drive

    Hi Tribosessive:

    Here is our preview and first drive of the RAV4 EV based on the last (3rd) generation platform. An electric I liked but boy is it expensive :(

    CleanMPG Previews the 2012 Toyota RAV4 EV

    I specifically asked why no hybrid in the 13 RAV4 and was told none planned and if you want a hybrid, buy the Highlander??? Too bad as the 13 RAV4 would have been even better with the Camry engine and Toyota's HSD inside.

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    Re: Toyota December 2012 Sales up 9.0%, up 26.6% For the Year + 2013 RAV4 First Drive

    Good review and nice pictures too.

    The 31mpg hiway rating sounds pretty good for a CUV. If you could maintain the 41.8 you got on the one little stretch that would be awesome!
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    Re: CleanMPG's First Drive of the 2013 RAV4

    Hi Greendriver:

    Thanks! It was a long read but it was a nice driver. I have to assume that 40 mpg at 62 or thereabouts is doable as long as one owns it.

    I wish I had more time to get some 50 and 70 mph readings but short leads consist of a Marketing and Tech presentation first thing in the morning, finish up and grab something to drink, jump in a trim, drive a specific route, come back with the other driver taking the wheel. Get back, jump in another trim and drive another pre-planned route. Get back, have lunch, get back out and drive another... Get back, drive the CRV, get back, jump in and drive the old RAV4... It is hectic but we are allotted quite a bit of seat time if you keep moving. Most are through by 02:00 PM whereas the Toyota PR and Marketing group must think I am a PIA. I try and get a last drive in by 03:30 PM and they are always asking me if I will finish up by 04:00 so they can clean the car for the next wave coming in the following day. :)

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    Re: Toyota December 2012 Sales up 9.0%, up 26.6% For the Year + 2013 RAV4 First Drive

    I think that my sources were talking about something new-maybe more range or a battery that doesn't rob the car owner of cargo space. I'm sure it won't be any cheaper. Maybe it will be more attractive to buyers.
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    Re: Toyota December 2012 Sales up 9.0%, up 26.6% For the Year + 2013 RAV4 First Drive

    Hi Tribosessive:

    The RAV4 EV is the very latest mating Tesla's drivetrain and the third gen RAV4 platform. I doubt Toyota will be achieving much more range or less cargo space intrusion in the near term as the pack is already barely touching the available cargo volume.

    It would be cool if they did and if you hear anything more, please post it.

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    Hi All:

    Like most recent Toyota IIHS SOL crash tests, the all-new 2013 RAV4 did not fare well either.

    This week the 2013 Toyota RAV4 earned a poor rating for its crash test performance in the IIHS small overlap front crash test.

    Toyota redesigned the RAV4 for the 2013 model year and made additional changes to models built after April to better control the stability of the steering column and to provide extra padding under the footwell carpeting to improve its IIHS small overlap (SOL) crash test performance.

    According to the IIHS however, the changes, weren't enough to lift the RAV4's performance in the small overlap test. A combination of poor structure and inadequate control of the dummy's movement prevented the RAV4 from earning better than a poor rating overall.

    The driver's space was seriously compromised by intruding structure, and the dummy's left foot was trapped by crushed and buckled sheet metal in the footwell. Injury measures on the dummy indicated a high risk of injury to the lower left leg. The dummy's head barely contacted the frontal airbag before sliding off the left side as the steering column moved more than 7 inches to the right, resulting in little airbag cushioning for the chest. Additionally, the safety belt allowed excessive forward movement of the dummy's head and torso, contributing to the head hitting the instrument panel.

    The IIHS released results for 13 other small CUV/SUVs in May but delayed testing the RAV4 because Toyota was making crash test improvements to the model. If design changes are imminent, the Institute stated it delays the tests to ensure that IIHS ratings don't soon become obsolete. The practice also encourages automakers to improve designs more quickly.

    In the earlier tests of small SUVs, only the Subaru Forester and Mitsubishi Outlander Sport earned a good or acceptable rating for occupant protection in a small overlap crash and qualified for the IIHS TOP SAFETY PICK+ designation. Eleven other small SUVs are rated marginal or poor.

    The IIHS released the following statement regarding the small CUV/SUV models recent performance:
    The Institute added the small overlap test to its lineup of vehicle safety evaluations last year. It replicates what happens when the front corner of a vehicle strikes another vehicle or an object like a tree or a utility pole. In the test, 25 percent of a vehicle's front end on the driver side strikes a 5-foot-tall rigid barrier at 40 mph. A 50th percentile male Hybrid III dummy is belted in the driver seat.

    All told, the RAV4 did not do well and neither did most of the others including the sales leading Ford Escape (Good across the board and Poor on the SOL) and Honda CR-V (Good across the board and Marginal on the SOL).

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    Toyota needs to up its game. Not a single Toyota or Lexus has scored better than Poor in the small overlap tests yet.
  11. xcel

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    Hi Mike:

    I know and it is a far cry from where they were just a year ago before the IIHS SOL was released.


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