ELF - Electric, Light and Fun bicycle

Discussion in 'General' started by rfruth, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. rfruth

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  2. ItsNotAboutTheMoney

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    This is one of those things that really needs manufacturing at scale to bring down prices. Aerodynamic and open-sided so it should be stable in cross-winds, right?

    I'm planning on buying a more conventional and much cheaper e-bike.
  3. rfruth

    rfruth Well-Known Member

    4 grand isn't too bad for a combo human power / solar power 3 wheeler (kickstarter project) not sure about crosswinds tho
  4. Harold

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    I like this. Great town bike and it gets you out of the weather some-what. H
  5. NeilBlanchard

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    A ~30 mile electric range and a 350 pound payload make this a very practical vehicle for many people. At $4,000 it is a very good value. Yes it could be a lot sleeker, and it even could be less expensive - but it is built in the USA by our fellow citizens.

    They also make a larger utility model called the TruckIt, that sells for $5,500.

    I think the Organic transit company deserve our full support.
  6. NeilBlanchard

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    It is great to see this sort of vehicle coming onto the market. It is a reverse trike model called the Elf and it is built by Organic Transit:


    They also have a larger fully enclosed utility trike model called the TruckIt.

    Organic Transit is now shipping the Elf to their Kickstarter investors, which is great! They ended up raising over $225,000 which is way over their target. Here are some new concept computer models of future Elf's, including a tandem 2 seat design:


    Here is an article that shows (what I think is) the production Elf:

    ELF: Hybrid Solar / Pedal Vehicle by Organic Transit | Ubergizmo

    ELF-Organic-Transit-01photo fromELF: Hybrid Solar / Pedal Vehicle by Organic Transit - Ubergizmo

    So, about 30 miles of range, and it can be pedaled on the flats. It can charge itself in 7-8 hours sitting in the sunshine, and it doesn't require insurance or a license - and it only costs about $4,000. And you will get in shape and lose weight, too.

  7. EdwinTheMagnificent

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    My Trek mountain bike has way more than 30 miles of range, even with the 60-year-old pilot aboard. And it only cost $400. But , yes, this thing is awesome. I'm going to check it out.
  8. NeilBlanchard

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    Of course, you can pedal the Elf as far as you want to, as well! The 30 miles range can be saved for the uphills, and/or starting up in traffic.

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