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    Just purchased kia optima hybrid last month, averaging 36 mph inflated the tires to 44 psi has anyone noticed if this helps with mpg with hybrids? Also noticed ev mode doesn't work nearly as well on highway with cruse control on. I always thought cruse control helps mpg but with hybrid doesn't appear to be the case.anyone have more suggestions for the hybrid to improve my mpg.?
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    Cruise control only helps those with a terminally stupid right foot. I admit that that I sometimes use it if I'm driving more than 2-3 hours , but it never makes sense to burn extra fuel to climb even the slightest hill when you can slowly burn off speed by driving with load (DWL). An educated right foot will always beat cruise.
    Wayne Gerdes has done some very impressive things with the Optima and Sonata hybrids. I'm not sure how to search for them , but all of his results are posted here.

    Stick around.
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    Welcome to CleanMPG! You came to the right place - Wayne and I broke the Guinness 48 state record in the Optima Hybrid, and I can tell you it's not beyond your reach to easily beat the EPA in your car.

    I recommend reading Beating the EPA and then asking lots of questions.

    Cold weather and hilly terrain are serious fuel economy challenges for any car, and moreso for hybrids. So don't despair if you don't see big numbers over the next couple of months. But the techniques you will learn here are effective in any terrain and at any temperature.

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