IMA Light Check Engine Light on 06 Honda Civic Hybrid

Discussion in 'Emissions' started by lemons, Oct 10, 2012.

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    I own 2006 honda civic hybrid since 3 months. Today morning when i started the car, the sound came unusal. After driving for about 1 mile, then check engine light and IMA light are on. Went on driving on 25 miles. I observed that once the charge is almost empty on SoC, it starts recharging but after halfway through, IMA light comes on and it get charge fully. so i went to advance auto parts and pulled the code. The error code is POA7F - Hybrid Battery Pack deterioration. So called honda america and informed that they provide 8 years/80000 miles in NJ where i live. They told if i registered my car for use in CA, MA NY, CO and some two other states, i could have got 15 years/150000 miles warranty on my IMA. But neverthless, i believe i m still in warranty since my car has only 35000 miles on it. I m thinking to go to dealer but im not sure whether he will do software update or battery pack replacement. I would go for replacement. I am not sure how to force the dealer for that. Does anybody has any experience on how the vehicle does after software update or force the dealer to replace battery pack?

    I m feeling sad on this since i own this for 3 months. Definetely enjoyed it cause gave me 55 mpg on highway.

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    Hi Lemons:

    With an IMA light, they will replace the pack but it will more than likely be a refurbished one as that is what Honda does. In either case, you will receive a few more years of good use before having to do this all over again :(

    Even if they just flashed the ECU, the IMA light will rear up again soon.

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    it was working good all summer. Just two days ago the cold came, then light came on. I was wondering if it just hybrid battery issue came due to 12V battery is old?
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    The 12V battery can definitely cause strange issues up to and including the IMA light. Get it checked and swap it out if it is marginal. If you leave the 12V unhooked long enough the IMA light will reset -- then you can drive it further and see if the problem re-occurs.

    With that number of miles and the 8yr warranty lasting you until at least 2014, I would go that route first to see if it helps.
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    Do get in touch with a Honda dealership locally, rather than going to Honda America, that's the regular way. Hopefully the dealership will get you a new battery. And please post details as they come. Thanks.
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    Well! they updated the software and saying no more check engine light! not sure how long this will work!

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