My dealer surprised me today!

Discussion in 'Hyundai Sonata Hybrid' started by darrelldb1, Aug 30, 2012.

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    I really wanted to pass this along.
    I was having a few problems with my car. I wasn't too concerned because it should all be taken care of by warranty. However, I was afraid of getting into the cycle of the dealer telling me nothing is wrong, having to go on drives to demonstrate issues and having my car spend a good amount of time in the shop.

    The reason I took it onto the shop was because of a vibration. I also suspected some other things weren't quite right so I drove a new HSH while I was there and confirmed my suspicions.

    Here is how things worked out for me:
    When I dropped off the car, I drove a loop in a new HSH and the same loop with mine. I had a salesman with me. The difference in the cars was significant. The new one still had a bit of vibration, but not as much. The other differences were less hesitation and roughness in the ICE, the steering didn't wander at all, the AC didn't make loud noises outside of the car, and gas mileage was better in the new car. The salesman acknowledged these differences.

    This morning the service dept. called and said that they couldn't really tell a difference between my car and a new one and that everything was within spec. Which, by the way, was the response I was expecting. I then talked to a sales manager and to make a long story short, I ended up with a brand new car at no extra cost. All I lost was the 4 payments I had already made, but that will be recouped through my interest rate dropping from 4% to .9%

    The willingness of the dealer to take care of this was quite frankly shocking to me, especially since this was my first visit to the service department for these repairs. I didn't even have to complain that much, I simply explained my concerns with the service dept. not being able to diagnose what was wrong and the potential for having an ongoing battle to get my issues fixed.

    I am very pleased, the new car is everything I expected the first one to be. My only disappointment is I had to take a blue one with a gray interior, but these cars with the ultimate package are scarce in my neck of the woods.

    My dealer is Withnell Hyundai in Salem, Oregon. After today, of course I highly recommend them.

    I'm passing this along because most people's experience, including my own, with car dealers is typically the opposite of this. Apparently there are still some that have integrity and I was fortunate to buy my car from one.
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    Hi Darrelldb1:

    Absolutely amazing and this one is going to be spread around a bit. I have never heard of this from any other dealer in my life.

    And congrats on the new car and lower rate too :)

  3. darrelldb1

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    There may have been some other factors involved. It is the end of the month and maybe this goes towards some quota or reduces their interest payment by one vehicle.
    There was a $1000.00 rebate and possibly some other incentives they received as well.

    But the bottom line is whether they made money, broke even, or lost is of no consequence to me. All that matters is that they somehow made it work for me.

    BTW...The new car was manufactured in July and I've already noticed some differences in the Nav/Bluelink software. It appears there may have been an update. The center rear seat belt is also configured differently. I wonder what else may have been updated.
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    Congratulations! As mentioned, that's unheard of. It's refreshing to hear of a dealer that will go the extra mile for a customer.

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