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Discussion in 'Other Manufacturers' started by msirach, May 3, 2007.

  1. msirach

    msirach Well-Known Member

    I now have two co-workers that drive the same distance as I do and have Saturn SC's. I would like to print tips and mods for their cars. One is an automatic, the other is a 5 speed.
    Any proven recommendations would be appreciated! I have been recommending the Scangauge.

    I finally convinced the 5-speed driver to sssslllooowww down. He kept it below 2000 rpm, and coasted every chance he got for the last tank. He got 45 mpg which topped his previous best of 42 mpg.
  2. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi Msirach:

    ___We had better let Larry get in deep with the Saturn’s as there is nobody better at pushing one then he is!

    ___I can see your stick driving owner with some 50’s in a matter of months if he is willing to take it easy out on the Interstates and throw the book at her around town after he is SG-II equipped :D

    ___Good Luck

  3. diamondlarry

    diamondlarry Super MPG Man/god :D

    I would be willing to drive there if it's not too far.:) I'm still working on the P&G speed range but I think I could get them close to 50. If they would be willing to do some FAS when they have learned enough to be ready for it, mid 50's are possible; if their route was as rural as mine. Also, I heard some things about Saturn automatics that could be pretty encouraging as well. I hear that with some creative footwork that the torque converter can be made to lockup even as low as 2nd gear. Couple that with an injector kill-switch and some aggressive FAS ing when they have enough experience and I bet consistent low 50's would be possible. Let me know how I can help.
  4. slim4s

    slim4s New Member

    I have a 1999 Saturn SL1. I have been reading a bout hypermiling for about a month now and have implemented a few ideas (coasting, slow acceleration, etc.).

    I have reached as high as 47mpg on single tanks and have averaged 41mpg over the last month.

    I just put on 4 new struts, 2 front tires (aligned & balanced + K&N air filter).

    I don't have a kill switch (doesn't popping the clutch cause extra wear?) or SGII.

    What else can I do to get into the 50s like you mentioned?
  5. diamondlarry

    diamondlarry Super MPG Man/god :D

    The easiest thing I can mention that should get you better mpg would be to consider pumping up the tires to the maximum on the tire's sidewall. This will help considerably. I might suggest that if you choose to do this, you may want to go only a few psi at a time to get used to the stiffer ride a little at a time.

    As for extra clutch wear during restart, it would be minimal if not nonexistent if done properly. By properly I mean smoothly and without jerking. I had people ride with me that didn't even know I was doing a bump start.
  6. pdw

    pdw Well-Known Member

    Over time I got really smooth doing the bumpstarts on my Saturn Sl. I was wondering if this is because the engine is older ?
  7. tommyt31

    tommyt31 Active Member

    diamondlarry - what gear do you usually bump start in? I have tried it a few times but the car jerks pretty bad. Even when doing it in 3rd gear I felt a jerk when the engine sprung to life.

    I noticed an average drop in mileage of at least 5mpg when I rebuilt my Saturn DOHC engine. Would boring the pistons out by 0.020" cause that dramatic of a change in FE? If not, I suspect I could have a different problem.
  8. PaleMelanesian

    PaleMelanesian Beat the System Staff Member

    I bump-start in 5th, or 4th below 15mph. No jerk at all. Do a quick up-down pulse on the clutch, then select your gear and go.
  9. pdw

    pdw Well-Known Member

    "boring the pistons" means fresh compression ? (my favourite 5speed's engine bumps-smoother/turns-easier because it has nearly 1/2million kms ... original engine)

    The pulse down (or double clutching) smooths out your restart as the engine spools up and tucks smoothly beneath your chosen gear on clutch-release. For more rapid spool-ups I found that high-test reduces 'bump-effect' to turn it over (the engine's rpms are alive much quicker to meet your transmission's shaft-speed of the appropriate gear)
  10. tommyt31

    tommyt31 Active Member

    Thanks, I haven't tried 5th gear yet for bump starting. I think I tried 4th gear but I was going 30 or 35 mph. And I didn't do a quick "up/down" with the clutch pedal. Just let off the clutch and kept it in that gear. I will try your method.

    When the pistons were bored, the compression was brought up to stock levels. Probably a little over stock since the head was milled a small amount to clean up the surface. I think my main problem could be with my crank shaft. I think it is still slightly bent after the machine shop tried to staighten it after they welded it. I should never have trusted those hackers. I don't think they were used to working on an aluminum 4 cyl engine.
  11. tommyt31

    tommyt31 Active Member

    Ok ... I just tried bump starting the car in 5th gear, going around 30 or 35 mph .... Wow! Worked so well I didn't know the car had started. I let off on the clutch real quick, not quite the full travel of the clutch pedal, then pushed the clutch back in. Worked great. No jerkiness at all! I liked it so much I tried it 2 more times in a 1.5 mile stretch. I never thought I would implement FAS because I thought it was rough on the crank bearings, but I changed my mind after feeling how smooth it was when done right. Thanks guys!!
  12. PaleMelanesian

    PaleMelanesian Beat the System Staff Member

    :D Ain't it grand?! Glad to help.
  13. reedy71

    reedy71 Member

    Might get a '93 SC2. Concerned the DOHC engine might suck down a lot of gas. What mpg might I be able to get driving mostly freeway and rural without doing FAS and minimal P&G. I do have some hills involved. For the record I've been getting about 24 mpg lately out of a Mazda B2600i 4x4. Hoping to get at least 40 out of the SC2. Doable?
  14. Project01SC2

    Project01SC2 Well-Known Member

    Keep your speed down, be easy on the trottle, NICE-on coasting, P&G, adjust tire pressure and maybe add hot air intake, 40's are definately doable. :D
  15. reedy71

    reedy71 Member

    Thanks for the tips.

    Concerned about NICE-on coasting as (this) SC2 idles at ~1500 until speed drops (to ~5 mph?) Maybe something needs adjusting?

    I already take it easy on the throttle. Don't do much P&G as I don't like to hold up traffic too much. Already ordered parts for opengauge so I can get the instant feedback. Not sure how that works for figuring benefit of P&G. What's involved with adding hot air intake? How does it help mpg?

    Edmunds disputes importance of tire pressure. But I keep 'em close to maximum anyway.

    Current owner first (ad) reported 20-30 and then 18-25. Don't know what her driving habits are (she's in CA, her dad is selling the car here in OR). New EPA is 21-32.

    Will keep 4x4 for errands so wanted to save enough with SC2 (or another rig) to defray keeping 4x4 insured and registered and get some payback besides. Guess just using less gas and less wear on other vehicles is some payback. Interestingly, SC2 has more hp (124) than the B2600i 4x4 (121).
  16. jamtee

    jamtee Well-Known Member

    Have you tried cleaning the throttle body. I had the same problem, also a slightly sticky throttle. Cleaning solved both problems.
    I can get upper thirties and low 40's with DWL and very limited to no P&G(NICE-on coast) in my SL2. :woot:
  17. jamtee

    jamtee Well-Known Member

    Missed this earlier. If your engine compartment is set up like mine it is easy. Remove the black tank that sets behind the radiator and connects to where your air filter is. I put a piece of PVC pipe (with a 90 on the end) from the whole left in filter box to in front of my manifold. I then taped off the normal air entrance. No major mods so if it does not work you can go back stock.
    As far as MPG I am still experimenting, so I can not say for sure. It looks to have got me about a 10% increase. But I am not done tinkering with the sent up yet. The biggest increase seems to come from FAS as much as possible. 47 and 44 mpg on my last 2 tanks.
  18. Project01SC2

    Project01SC2 Well-Known Member

    I had this problem as well when i first got my SC2 and it started acting similar to that again two weeks ago when (I believe) my O2 sensor started to act up. Of course it didnt throw a code until today. Everything is back to normal now and hopefully my numbers will start climbing again. As far as HAI, I currently have a warm air intake that I turned so it sits right above the exhaust manifold. I also have a 150ohm resistor taking the place of the iat sensor.
  19. jamtee

    jamtee Well-Known Member

    IAT hack I tried but could not see much difference. However I had added the HAI at the same time. After the next tank I will be adding it back so I can look at it in isolation.
  20. scramblejim

    scramblejim I make Baked Beans

    Have you checked with a scan tool to see what the PCM is reading for Intake Air Temperature?
    IIRC, high resistance reads as cold temperature, in which case the PCM would be enrichening the mixture wouldn't it? I would think that shorting it together would get you a higher temp to lean out the mixture

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