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Discussion in 'Mazda' started by V8toilet, Jul 8, 2012.

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    I have the Mazda CX-5 with the automatic transmission. This automatic locks up the converter after 5 mph and operates like a automated manual throughout the 6 gears. it feels a lot like a manual transmission in its direct feel and the RPM coincide with vehicle speed instead of throttle position. I know in some modern manual transmission equipped cars the computer will shut off the fuel to the engine when the car is coasting in gear to save fuel. Does anyone know if that could be true for a vehicle like the Mazda CX-5?

    I'm afraid to let it coast in neutral and put it back in gear while the car is moving for fear of damaging the transmission or causing excessive wear. 6th gear is so tall though that is coasts really well in it.

    Also new to this site, great information here. Just starting using the techniques I'm learning here for about 90 miles now (from 1/2 tank) and my AVG MPG went from 31.8 to 34.6.
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    I would bet it can.
    I found an post with someone talking about there Mazda 6, DFCO, and the scangauge.

    If your thinking of getting an instant fuel gauge, it would tell you. it would also give you a lot of helpful info to improve mileage.

    DFCO is not as helpful as many think. Knowing if your car will go into DFCO will help if you need to slow your car down. I recommend people concentrate on driving to avoid the need to slow down, and using momentum to get you as far as you can.

    BTW: It's cool to hear your transmission locks up and acts like a manual. :woot:
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    shocking that the TQ locks up at 5mph

    interested -I'm thinking about a 2013 CX5
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    yeah, wanted to get the manual transmission CX5 but all the ones on the east coast sold in about a week. Every time I found one on line and called I just missed it. After driving this AT though I'm starting to forget about the manual since its so much like a manual that shifts automatically.
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    V8, I had a similar experience when I went to buy my FIT. 2 month wait for a MT so I opted for the 5-speed AT with the paddle shifters. Bonus for the wife we does not like to drive MT.

    How do you know that the TC is locked out at 5mph? Is this based on "feel" or something else?

    My AT feels the same when I am in "S" mode, where the car says in the gear you pick unless you red-line it or drop below 1000 rpm. Not really sure the TC is locked but the car does seem to respond much more like a MT with response to throttle, etc. My sense was that there was actually A LOT of slip and the TC was stiffening up do to viscous forces which is different than the lock triggering. Just a hunch.

    It is a fun way to drive but I actually have gotten my best mileage in the automated "D" mode while using the paddles to pick my up-shift points. The bonus is that it is easy to go in and out of N without pressing the button on the shifter. In this mode my TC lock will kick in in 3rd gear at about 22 mph and will stay locked down to about 18 mph.

    For now I am still improving using the D mode with the paddles and various hypermiling techniques. I will probably experiment more with "S" mode once I have maxed out what I am doing now.
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    I know because Mazda says the Skyactive transmission locks up at 5 MPH and continues to stay locked up throughout the 6 gears and also by the way it feels. With a traditional automatic if I press the accelerator pedal the RPM responds/ climbs with the movement of the accelerator pedal because of the toque converter slippage. With the Mazda transmission if I press the accelerator pedal the RPM doesn't climb with the pedal movement and I hear the engine under load just like it would if it were a manual transmission. The RPM only climbs in relation to vehicle speed not in relation to how much I press the accelerator pedal with my foot.
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    NICE! Go Mazda! :woot:
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    I dont think thats how it works.
  10. CRT1

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    Herm, not sure what you are commenting on. Could you elaborate? Thanks.
  11. herm

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    "Mazda says the Skyactive transmission locks up at 5 MPH and continues to stay locked up throughout the 6 gears"
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  13. EdwinTheMagnificent

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    I like the sound of THAT. Wonder if this is the same auto used in the 3 ?
  14. xcel

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    Hi Edwin:

    Three replies in a row? WTH ;)

    The SKYATIV AT in the CX-5 and 3 are the same technology albeit different dimensionally. The non-SKYACTIV 3 uses their older engine and tranny design.

    V8, do not worry about coasting in N. It can save fuel in some circumstances of course but more importantly could potentially save your life someday too.

  15. Topher

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    Silly greencarcongress article, the TC isnt' a 6-speed, the tranny is!

    These articles mostly focus on accleration. For those that have the SKYACTIV AT, how does it behave in decel? Does it disengage the TCLU, so that when you go to reacclerate, there isn't a harsh lunge (doing so would also reduce engine braking).

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