My 2011 Scion xB

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  1. Picked it up today in Ann Arbor.:Banane21:

    Tires at 44, added 2 gallons to the dealers fill up and hit the highway to Jackson, with a stop in Grass Lake for some supplies I needed for a job.

    Cruise set at 60, dash showed 38.7mpg for the ride.

    I guess I'm spoiled driving my full size van and truck. I've noticed people usually don't tailgate me in either of those. Within seconds of getting on I 94 a jeep was on my butt. I gradually slowed to under 55 and after about 10 miles she finally went around. No tailgators for another 10 minutes than a repeat. That's going to take some getting used to. Fortunately, a good part of my driving I can do on Michigan ave, between Albion and Jackson and stay off the highway.
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    Congrats! :)
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    Congrats on the new ride James.
  4. Thanks. I really like this thing. Wont be the 50+ mpgs a lot of you get, but it sure is better than 12 in the van.
  5. First 250 miles did 34.x mpg.
  6. test sig pic

    edit: worked
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    Pretty good FE. When they tailgate me, I drop my speed 5 mph. If that doesn't get them off, I start P&G. That has never failed to either get them to pass, or to back off.
  8. It happened again Tuesday. The Agent & I got on I94 to go to Jackson, with me driving the Scion. Within seconds of getting to 60 mph a Volvo was glued to my rear end.

    So I tell the Agent "I'll drop back to 55 she if he goes around"
    T.A. - "doubt it, he'll probably get closer"

    55 mph does nothing for him

    Me: "Maybe I should pull a reverse pass on him"
    T.A "what's a reverse pass" (with a look of fear, like shes about to experience something stupid"

    Me:"Watch this"

    I wait for a break in the fast lane traffic, left signal on, over into the fast lane.
    Mr Volvo speeds on past me in the right lane.

    I get back over into the slow lane and say "what do you bet, he's going to glue himself to that semi truck in the right lane up ahead, all the way to Jackson?" Yup thats what he did.

    Most of my driving in the xB will be around Albion, and to Jackson or Battle Creek. Most of that I can stay off the highway and on 2 lane roads with 55 mph psl
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    That sounds familiar! I see it every time I'm on the Interstates. Some people refuse to move left to pass, but are happy to pass on the right. ??

    Enjoy your xB! When the original generation appeared, my first impression was that it looked strangely like a miniature Chevy van. I was interested in the xA, until I saw how little space it has.
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    Whats wrong with my 2011 X/B. 3,500 miles. I can hardly get 20mpg, it runs great just using way to much gas. I'm driving it like an old lady and still getting bad gas milage. Somebody help me.
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    Hello, I am new here. I have mpg problems with my x/b.
  12. in town driving? checked tire psi? need more info
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    Go to the articles section and start reading.
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    Welcome to CleanMPG.

    The stereotypical old lady accelerates very slowly, drives slowly and doesn't pay attention so ends up doing wasteful maneuvers. So, driving "like an old lady" would generally mean driving it inefficiently.

    Please read the CleanMPG Primer. That'll get you started on hypermiling.

    After you've read the articles, if you have any questions, please post a new thread. Also, please edit your profile and add your vehicle and your location (rough location is good enough) so they appear in your post headers, making it easier for people to help you with information appropriate to your vehicle and local climate and terrain.

    You can also introduce yourself with a bit more detail on your driving patterns: typical driving distances, city or highway, locals speeds, traffic density and so on. As the EPA says, your mileage will vary.
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    Thanks for the advise. What I meant about "like an old lady" was accelerating slowly and coasting a lot and not driving aggressively. I have read the hypermiling. OK, I am driving a mix of city & interstate. Previously drove a 2006 Scion XB that I loved. Got 26MPG for city & hwy driving, and up to 36MPG HWY. I am driving this car the same except trying to coast more, and use cruse control when possible. Got to check that tire pressure & anything that might be causing drag, like breaks.

    Doing all this and still getting below 22MPG, there has got to be something wrong with the car?
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    There is a very easy way to test any car.. fill up the gas tank until you can SEE the gas in the pipe.. you have seen many pictures of that in this web site.. get on I95 or the turnpike and start driving north with the cruise control set exactly at 60mph. Do it late at night so there is no traffic to interfere.. after 50 miles or so stop and carefully refill the gas tank at the first gas station you see, until again you can see the gas coming up the pipe. Record exactly how many gallons it took.. also write down the address of both gas stations so we can work out the exact distance between the two points. If you want just take a picture of both gas receipts and post it, it should show the address and amount of gas.

    From that we can tell you if there is something wrong with the car. Make sure your tires are pumped up and drive with your windows closed, at this time of year you should not need the AC.

    Here is an example of what the fuel pipe should look like, it takes a lot of patience to get to this level but its needed for accuracy.

  17. Does the A/C drop MPGs much? Ive only used it a couple times so far. I'm in MI, youre FL?

    What brand tires & size?

    Well into my second tank and its looking like mid 30's mpgs with A LOT of city driving this tank
  18. 2nd tank. 381 miles. Little over 10 gallons for 37 mpgs

    Can't I get a 40?!?!
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    I'm sure you can. It has been a bit cooler this week, when it warms that 37 should turn to 40 pretty easy.
  20. SentraSE-R

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    I think so. I got many 40+ mpg tanks with my 2.5 L engine in my SE-R, and it was rated 2 mpg worse than your xB by the EPA in city and highway estimates. I averaged 38 mpg in it over 20,000 miles.

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