Kia and the NBA Are Simply Fantastic!

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    Hi All:

    Kia invited my son and me to go to a Bull’s vs. Magic game this evening. And it was a no expense spared kind of invite too! A close in Suite parking pass, Executive suite with a personal chef and on hand were Kia’s Michael Sprague, VP of Marketing & Communication, Mike Ofiara, Kia’s Public Relations Supervisor and James Hope, Kia’s Manager of Product Communications to discuss anything and everything about Kia at our leisure.

    MAMA President Tom Appeal and his wife, Tim Healey who writes for High Gear Media and his girl friend, and Chicago Auto Show Exec Mark Bilog and his 3-sons were also in attendance making it one of the best outings I have had in many years.

    Bulls vs. Magic at Chicago's United Center

    11:27 left and the Bulls are down by 8. It was a heck of a game watching them catch up.​

    While the Bulls were beaten by 5 at the end, they were down as much as 18 early. Through the last 2-minutes of the second quarter, they clawed their way back to down just 5 at the half thanks to a number of quick succession 3’s including a buzzer beater by the Bulls Derrick Rose. They continued whittle down the Magic’s lead and with just 3-minutes left, they took a 2-point lead. The last two minutes saw the Bull’s miss number of key “must make” shots with the Magic taking the glory when the final buzzer sounded. My son enjoyed the game immensely as he sat right on the edge of the balcony glued to the back and forth action of the game. The only time he moved was half time to grab some food and drink and talk to his father about the nuances of the game we were watching.

    A great game and a once in a lifetime invite to an event my son and I will cherish for years to come.

    I would be remiss if I did not mention that we all received a Derrick Rose Bulls Jersey’s signed by number 1 himself ;)

    Thank you Michael, Mike and James.


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