Do crappy and aggresive drivers prefer certain brands?

Discussion in 'Hero and Jerk of the Day' started by Blackbelt, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. Ophbalance

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    I just had one of these glue itself to my tail today. When I get enough spare change, I'll be picking up front/rear dash cams for these pricks. And if all goes well, I'm building one of these. Heck, one of the guys I now work with LOVES LEDs and assembler.
  2. SentraSE-R

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  3. Blackbelt

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    But it isn't just the rich Darrell. There are plenty of people on the lower end of the socioeconomic ladder who are driving their 10 year old F150's like complete and utter jerks. I watched 1 this morning on my way to work change lanes 6 times within a half mile and cut off 5 people. Darn near caused a wreck.
  4. SentraSE-R

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    There are no universal rules where stupid driving is involved, except that someone will do it.
  5. PaleMelanesian

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    True. And the more you prepare yourself for any and every other driver being "that one", the better off you'll be.

    There was a US Postal Sevice driver who retired after 50 years of local mail delivery with a perfect driving history. He had ZERO collisions during his career, his fault or otherwise. You know that's not by chance. If he can do that, every one of us should strive for the same.
  6. SentraSE-R

    SentraSE-R Pishtaco

    Not to denigrate the postal service driver (or other good drivers), but ~half of it is luck. I had one driver run a stop sign, causing an accident. Another time I had a driver change lanes into the side of my car. Both were unavoidable from my perspective, IMO.
  7. Blackbelt

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    I have always said that I expect people to do something stupid, and they very rarely let me down...LOL

    Darrell does make a good point though. People who have a lot of money can have the tendency to adopt an attitude of superiority, and that can spill over into their driving behaviors. I find it interesting that in my experience, I have not seen a lot of bad driving involving Mercedes. I see tons involving BMW and especially Audi, but not much M-B.
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    poor people with F150s cant afford to be aggressive drivers.. best thing that Obama could do (besides giving Biden an early shot at the job) is to mandate instantaneous fuel economy gauges in all vehicles.
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    And thanks, Darrell , for your usage of the excellent all-purpose term "asshat". I will try to use it every day.
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    Turning this around a bit back in the late 80's my Dad had 3 vehicles. The Sunday car was an almost new New Yorker. the work car was an old 66' Impala. It didn't look too bad but it had gone through 12 years of city life and had taken a few knocks and the spray can paint almost matched the original and the other spray can paint. The last was an old International 1 ton truck with a spray bombed red cab and a faded and very scratched/dented blue box. The tailgate was 2 pipes welded to a piece of flat sheet steel, the front bumper was a piece of 8 or 10 inch "C" channel usually with a length of 3/8 chain hanging from it. What Dad mentioned one time was when he had the Impala he would get carved up once or twice each way back and forth to work. With the New Yorker it would be 5 or 6 carve ups. On the rare occasion he took the truck to work no one would come near him. I guess people figured if the truck looked that bad this guy didn't care what happened to it and it would really hurt their car if they did something stupid.
  11. worthywads

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    :confused: Carve Up?
  12. 08EscapeHybrid

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    From the context I'm assuming "carve up" is the same as being cut off.
  13. jcp123

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    Yes - BMW's and diesel Dodge pickups.
  14. Right Lane Cruiser

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    It sure seems as though both the size and the noise levels are directly related to aggressiveness around here.

    (20,000th post :woot:)
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    20,000th post in my thread.
    I am honored!!:woot::woot:

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