Chrysler’s 300 Achieves Best-In-Class Fuel Economy???

Discussion in 'Chrysler' started by xcel, Dec 28, 2011.

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    It was unfortunate, but I didn't know her directly. She was really good friends with a friend of mine however. The guy lived two streets over from me. The speed limit on that road is 35mph, and his Ram Truck had a lot of damage from hitting the girl (that's how they found him). He was definitely not going the speed limit or anything remotely close...and it was just after rush hour. Could you imagine that someone actually gave this man their vehicle to drive???

    Either way, I'm just saying that blaming a vehicle for the damage done in a crash is plain stupidity. Maybe airplanes should all be smaller, so that when it crashes not as many people die...
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    WOW, a little Mopar hate? that is really good for a car that weights 4000lbs and has 296hp and is rwd.

    I also praised the mustang.....which is hard for me to do for getting 29mpg in a coupe thats weight is about 3400lbs.

    The price range is a little stupid when you could get a brand new dodge charger with the same equipment, (a little less luxury) for 25k.

    Remember all of the stats are the same for a charger and a Chrysler 300 because they are the same car on the same plateform in different markets.

    To the man who said he would of bought SRT8 challenger...:) I am with you brother, that's why I bought mine.
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    A dealer set the cruise control at 70mph and did a highway loop on the 300. RT was 42mpg on the fcd.
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    Hi Ricardo:

    Doubtful that was even close to reality but if they did it...


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