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Discussion in 'Reviews' started by xcel, Nov 24, 2011.

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    Premium gasoline in a Sonic LTZ

    "This will not come as a surprise to some of you -- nor did it to me. But there are those who insist on using the least expensive fuel they can find. That stategy will work in the Sonic, but you'll be driving a different car.

    Last week I posted about driving the Sonic in the heat and the various maladies this weather creates with its tiny turbo engine. After emptying the tank of 87 octane, I refilled with 91 and was immediately impressed with the difference. Not only was I less likely to stall when pulling away from a stop, but fewer downshifts were required for adequate accleration. The difference was more dramatic than I thought it would be. Weather remained a persistent 95 degrees.

    If I owned a Sonic with this engine I'd use 91. Always."
  2. xcel

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    Hi Herm:

    He doesn't own a Sonic, his is not going to buy a Sonic and I doubt he even paid for the gas so whatever he says regarding what he would or would not do is probably more for SEO than actually telling you something new.

    Stall at a take off? 1 to 2 extra lb-ft. at low RPMs will make little difference if at all.

  3. drove my mom around on some errands in her Sonic. MPG reading on the dash, not ever reset was 26.x. And, sorry Chevy not impressed at all. Not bashing Chevy as I have 2 and like 'em. And not bashing small cars either. Just the sonic feels like a POS, and even my mom said she wishes she didnt buy it :(
  4. xcel

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    Hi James:

    I would like to hear your details. I suspect she's driving the AT so that will do same damage to its FE and straight line performance. I doubt she uses the back seat much which was my only other real quip. Inexpensive and cheap but capable and affordable if you do not run up the trims and keep the option checks to a minimum.

    Let me know.

  5. Yes, AT sedan. That probably takes away from the feel of the drive. City driving, pulling away from a traffic light I got the feeling the car knew it was supposed to accelerate and started going, but didnt really realize it was a car and supposed to be driven. I think my lawn mower accelerates faster :D.
    Stretching the story a bit here, but on corners I wondered if we would tip over. And this was driving my near 70 year old mother around. We werent exactly pushing the handling to extremes.

    I do like the looks of the hatchback.
  6. xcel

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    Hi All:

    Sonic Gets Wild with Limited Edition Color Palettes for 2014

    Magenta will be the first. Cool Blue to follow.

    The 2014 Chevrolet Sonic will be available in two limited-edition colors. A Deep Magenta Metallic is the first in the series and will be available August through October.

    When it came time to replace Inferno Orange, the design team realized pink was a lasting trend, and after the success of Chevrolet Spark’s Techno Pink, wanted to bring a more chromatic tone to showroom floors. It accents Sonic’s shape to perfection.

    Chevrolet developed Deep Magenta Metallic after extensive research into fashion runways, consumer products and high-end furniture galleries. The color shifts in this magenta tone will show Sonic’s form as it drives down the road.

    On average, a Chevrolet vehicle has 10 to 12 color options throughout its lifecycle.

    The limited edition colors will be applied with the “three-wet” paint process at GM’s Orion Assembly Plant. The technique ensures high quality while reducing environmental impact. And it reduces the plant’s paint shop footprint by 10 percent. GM was the first automaker to use the process, in which three layers of paint are applied one after another without drying, thus requiring only a single trip through the oven.

    Following the Deep Magenta Metallic, Cool Blue will be available on Sonic from November until March. Dragon Green will come to the lineup as a permanent addition to the Sonic palate the first quarter of 2014.

    2014 Chevrolet Sonic in Magenta


  7. Shocking 'real world' numbers. Got a ride in my Moms sonic on Friday. Asked my stepfather if the display was his mpg. Yes he said, reset it at last fill up.
    Tank was on 1/8.
    Jack rabbit starts, hard last minute braking.
    22 mpgs
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    Hi James:


  9. RichXKU

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    That's why I'm always leery of buying used. It's not just performance cars that get driven this way.
  10. EdwinTheMagnificent

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    I'd especially stay away from a used car with a manual transmission. Too many people think they know how to operate it correctly , few do.
  11. xcel

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    Hi All:

    The IIHS small overlap is in and it "aint" pretty. Especially that driver side curtain airbag firing off so late…



  12. RichXKU

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    Wow... side air bag fired on the WRONG SIDE of his head, right down into the neck.
    Vulcan neck pinch!
  13. Sonic is gone. Mom is back in a caravan.

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