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Discussion in 'Chevrolet Volt' started by FXSTi, Nov 2, 2011.

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    The local Chevrolet dealer has a Volt sitting front and center in their lot. I stopped to look it over, and a salesman offered to let me take it for a spin. I have no plans of buying one but thought it might be fun.

    The salesman took me for a quick spin around the lot and showed me some of the features. It showed 28 miles of electric charge left when he fired it up. I sat and played with the buttons for a couple minutes until I figured out how to reset trip B. The charge remaining dropped to 27 miles while the dealer was driving around the lot and talking up the tax incentives.

    I took the car for 8.3 miles of mixed driving. Lots of stop signs, red lights, and a couple miles of highway at 55 mph. When I returned to the lot the car showed 23 miles of charge remaining.


    Without the huge vinyl graphic telling me it was a volt, I don't think I could have picked it out of a police line-up. Not a bad looking car just nothing to catch the eye.

    The car fcd showed 509 miles on trip a, with an mpg reading 219 point something. I guess no one else has bothered to reset the trip meter. The salesman said that this is their demo car and is not for sale. They have a log going and it looked like about 15 people have had it out for a drive.

    The car felt big and solid. I took only one good high speed corner and it felt pretty solid. I have no idea what acceleration is like, as I never needed to do more than gently press the pedal. Coasting in gear, was crazy, the thing just keeps going and going. I got stuck at three lights because even though I let off way early it never slowed much at all. The regen brakes felt like normal brakes to me. I slipped it in neutral to try the regular brakes. The regular brakes felt grabby and came on way to hard.

    I liked the seats, but was disappointed that a $40K+ car had a manual drivers seat. The interior struck me as an old man's other than the instrumentation. The view through the rear view mirror didn't seem any better than my Fiesta (which is terrible).

    Overall, I think it is a pretty decent car, but a little on the pricy side. It does have me thinking that if my driving situation changes to doing short commutes, a BEV might just work great.


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